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1953-1982 Corvette Body Removal Lift Strap Set

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Part #: 146-099
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Fits Years:
  • 1953-1962
  • 1963-1967
  • 1968-1982
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1953-1982 Body Removal Lift Strap Set

Safely lift the body of your Corvette during the restoration, removal and reinstallation stages of any project. Heavy duty nylon sling and custom fitted brackets of our Body Lift Strap evenly support the entire body and prevent damage that can be caused by lifting stress or a sudden drop. Heavy duty center lift ring with 4 heavy duty nylon straps. Each strap is approximately 7' 9" long from end to center lift ring and 2" wide.

  • Includes 4 Heavy Duty Nylon Straps
  • Straps Measure 7' 9" Long and 2" Wide
  • Instructions included
  • Hooks measure 1.75" wide

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 146099
  • 182200
  • 615099
  • 686420055938
  • ZM-293

The following Body Lift Checklist will assist you in preparing to remove your Corvette body form the chassis. This checklist is prepared from past experiences and may include several items that physically are not necessary but will assist in the lift process.

Every effort has been made to be as complete as possible, but keep in mind that various years and models of Corvettes were different from each other as they left the factory and certainly many changes have been made by individuals during its life. Consult your Service Manual  and Assembly Instruction Manual for additional help. Be alert for changes made by individuals or items that are aftermarket or non-standard.

The tools required are relatively minimal. In addition to standard safety equipment such as gloves and safety glasses you will need the following:

    One two ton floor jack
    A set of good safe jack stands
    A 1/4" standard drive socket set  with 5/32" to 1/2" sockets and extensions (1-1/2" & 3")
    A 3/8" standard drive socket set  with 3/8" to 5/8" sockets and extensions (1-1/2" & 3")
    A 1/2" standard drive socket set  with 7/16" to 1" sockets and extensions (3" & 6") and one flexible attachment.
    It is recommended that socket sets include six and twelve point sockets as well as standard and deep well sockets.

    A set of open / closed-end wrenches to include: 1/4", 5/15", 3/6" 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 11/16", 3/4" and 7/8".

    A set of phillips type screwdrivers.

    A set of slot (straight) type screwdrivers.

    Needle nose and standard pliers.

    Hammer and box knife.

Pre-Body Lift checklist

Exterior Trim:
1.    Remove rocker panels or side exhaust covers
2.    Remove Fuel Lid and Bezel (good time to check that gas tank is drained and empty)

Engine Compartment:
3.    Remove hood
4.    Disconnect Battery

Cooling System:
5.    Disconnect upper radiator hose and remove
6.    Disconnect expansion tank hose from radiator
7.    Disconnect heater hose from water pump
8.    Disconnect heater hoses (2) from heater core
9.    Unbolt expansion tank straps
10.    Remove expansion tank with hoses attached
11.    Disconnect Lower radiator hose
12.    Remove fan & fan clutch as an assembly
13.    Remover upper radiator shroud support bracket
14.    Remove shroud mount bolts
15.    Disconnect horns and lay to side
16.    Unfasten horn relay and voltage regulator from radiator support
17.    Disconnect transmission cooling lines if so equipped.
18.    Remove Air Conditioning dehydrator bottle if so equipped.
19.    Lift radiator and fan shroud out as one unit
20.    Remove lower radiator hose

Electrical system:
21.    Remove horns
22.    Remove voltage regulator
23.    Remove horn relay
24.    Disconnect wires from alternator/generator
25.    Loosen bolts to alternator/generator mount bracket and move towards engine
26.    Remove top ignition shielding if car is so equipped
27.    Disconnect wires to coil (both positive & negative)
28.    Disconnect wire to temperature sending unit and free it from any clips that might secure it.

The electrical system will not be completely finished until we disconnect the lower starter wires. We will get to these once we are under the car.

Mechanical Connections:
29.    Disconnect brake line from master cylinder
30.    Remove clutch return spring
31.    Disconnect clutch linkage at cross shaft
32.    Disconnect steering column
33.    Disconnect accelerator ground strap from the block
34.    Disconnect the accelerator rod linkage from lever
35.    Disconnect tachometer drive cable from distributor
36.    Disconnect oil pressure sending tube from block
37.    Pull all of the above back from firewall
38.    Pull rubber dust shields out of upper “A” Control Arms
39.    Disconnect and remove fuel injection air cleaner if so  equipped
40.    Disconnect fuel line from fuel pump

As an IMPORTANT safety precaution -  make sure all fuel is drained from the system.

Under Car Connections:

41.    Remove front bumpers and brackets
42.    Remove rear bumpers and brackets
        (Be sure to count the shims in the inner rear bumper brackets that shim the frame out to the body)

43.    Remove rear license plate bezel
44.    Remove rear valance panel if applicable
45.    Disconnect wire harness from gas tank and pull back from frame.
46.    Disconnect radio ground strap from frame
47.    Disconnect front parking brake cable from any clamps that may keep it from  going with the body
48.    Disconnect speedometer cable from transformer and any clamps that may keep it from going with the body
49.    Remove all forward splash shields that that are connected between the frame and body
50.    Remove body to frame ground (Left #1 mount point)
51.    Disconnect wire harness from starter and solenoid
52.    Disconnect back up light leads if so equipped
53.    Disconnect neutral safety switch if so equipped
54.    Remove the lower radiator support bolts (two)
55.    Remove body bolts at position #1 on both right and left side. Located just forward of the firewall
56.    Remove body mount bolts at position #4 on both right and left side. Located near the rear of your Corvette.
57.    Some years require that seat belt retaining wire and brackets be removed.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to give a final check to the underside of the car. There are many differences between years and of course there are many areas that could have been modified. Check carefully to see that there are no connections of any type between the body and frame.

From Above:

58.    Remove doors (optional)
59.    Remove body mount bolts at positions #2 on both right and left side of car. Located under sill plates.
60.    Remove access covers in rear fender wells
61.    Remove body mount bolts at position #3 on both right and left side of car. Located in forward wall of rear wheel wells and in some years two            additional bolts in the interior just on each side of the floor tunnel.
62.    Remove gear shift knob
63.    Remove center console
64.    Remove shift boot and retainer
65.    Corvettes from 1953-1960 require that the rear exhaust extensions be removed.

Final Check of Engine Compartment:
66.    Pull speedometer cable up from below and lay on fender
67.    Pull front parking brake cables up from below
68.    Pull all wiring harnesses back from frame
69.    Pull brake lines back from master cylinder

Look carefully to see that all wires and other items have been pulled back out of the way. Once everything is checked, you are ready to lift body.

You are now ready and should be prepared for the big event. Keep in mind that you are working with a 3,000 pound car - so be careful. Using this information and some good safety precautions, you will really enjoy the adventure you are about to embark on.