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Air Cooled VW Magnetic Base Towing and Trailer Light Kit

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Part #: 375-104
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Magnetic Base Towing and Trailer Light Kit

Our Magnetic Base Towing Light & Trailer Light Kit is the perfect hassle free solution for safely towing any vehicle or trailer without an operational lighting system. Commercial grade magnetic bases, with non-scratch covers, firmly secure light assemblies to virtually any steel surface. Each magnetic towing kit includes a pair of light assemblies with magnetic bases, 20' wiring harness with 4-way flat connectors and clips as well as easy to use directions. Your towed vehicle will have fully operational brake lights, taillights, hazard lights, and turnsignals all controlled by the towing vehicle.

Great to have in case your trailer lights fail.

  • Complete Plug-and-Go Package
  • Compatible With Any 12 Volt Automotive Lighting System
  • Quick Hassle Free Installation
  • Essential For Safe & Legal Towing
  • Shows Red From One Side, Amber From The Other

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 093184604539
  • 1198
  • 210400382
  • 53200
  • MTLK12V

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Hitching A Ride: Bring Your VW With You!

Hitching A Ride:  Bring Your VW With You!

Always bring your Air Cooled VW on the road, even when it's not in running condition! Although using a trailer has its advantages, but when it comes to quick and easy transportation, a Tow Bar is the way to go! Mid America Motorworks gives you the pros and cons of each, plus usage instructions for Standard and Super Beetles to show just how easy a Tow Bar can be.

Trailer Talk

It's true that having a trailer makes sense for some enthusiasts. They come in handy if you're working on multiple projects, hauling more than one VW, or need to keep the miles off your favorite ride.


  • Minimize non-driving wear on tires, wheel bearings and suspension
  • Haul different makes of cars with one trailer
  • Drive onto trailer and go


  • Trailers require a large amount of storage space
  • Straps, chains and tie down equipment are needed
  • Connecting and disconnecting the trailer can take time

Tow The Line

For the single-VW owner, a Tow Bar is a great alternative to a trailer with most of the same benefits.


  • Cost savings compared to purchasing a trailer
  • No tie down equipment needed
  • Easy to use and store
  • Hassle-free disconnection


  • For use with Beetles or Super Beetles only
  • Adds non-driving miles and wear
red Beetle on trailer

Installing Your Tow Bar

Installation is easy, but there are a few variations between Standard Beetles and Super Beetles. For both models, make sure the receiver hitch is rated to pull the Beetle and that the engine and braking system of the tow vehicle are capable of pulling the Beetle and in the right condition to do so.

Standard Beetle Installation:

  1. Slide the Tow Bar under your VW.
  2. On each side of the car, slide the brackets onto the front axle, push the pin through the bracket and push the clip through the pin to hold it into place.
  3. Attach the hitch to the 1 7/8" ball on the vehicle towing your Standard Beetle.
tow bar installation

Super Beetle Installation

The Super Beetle Tow Bar includes the one-time installation of a mounting plate. Full instructions are here.

Once the Tow Bar is installed, attach the hitch to the 2" ball on the vehicle towing your Super Beetle.

tow bar installation

Keep It Legal

It is important to ensure that your tow lights are functioning properly to follow regulations and stay safe. Use the 4 pin connector on your towing vehicle, or if you do not have one, you will need to install a 4 pin connector on your vehicle that is connected appropriately to your vehicle's lighting system.

Tow Bar Strength

Is a tow bar strong enough to pull my Beetle? The answer is yes! There should be more than enough strength in a tow bar to pull a rolling VW Beetle in any road condition. Mid America Motorworks Tow Bars are tested up to 3512 foot pounds for 23+ seconds to assure strength and quality.

tow bar installation

Know Your Load

In any situation, you should never exceed the Gross Combination Vehicle Weight Rating. The GCVWR is the value specified by the manufacturer of the tow vehicle that is the maximum the total trailer/vehicle combination can safely weigh. This includes the combined weight of the tow vehicle, the trailer, passengers, plus all equipment and supplies carried in both the tow vehicle and the trailer.

Know your Hitch

For vehicles 2,000 lbs or less, a Class 1 hitch will do the trick. These hitches can be attached to subcompact cars, cars, SUVs, vans and light or heavy duty trucks. They can be used to pull anything from cargo boxes to bike racks, motorcycles and of course, Volkswagen Beetles.

Know Your Engine

Make sure your tow vehicle has a strong running engine and the cooling system has been maintained and is in proper running condition. Pulling added weight will add some extra strain to your vehicle, especially when climbing large mountains, hills, or inclines.

Know Your Brakes

When stopping a vehicle that has a vehicle in tow, you change the amount of weight that the vehicle must stop. Make sure your brakes are in optimal operating condition: there are no leaks, brake fluid is at normal operating level, and the brake pads have plenty of life left.

Know Your Tires

As opposed to towing with a trailer, where weight is distributed throughout the trailer, the majority of the weight will be on your Volkswagen. Because of this, the weight rating on your current tires should be adequate for towing with a Tow Bar. However, experiencing a tire failure while in tow could lead to an unpleasant experience. Check the tire pressure and tread depth before hooking the Tow Bar to your towing vehicle.

Know Your Lighting

Remember, your tow lights will be using the same lighting system as your tow vehicle. It is critical that your lighting system is operating at optimal condition.

Beetle collage

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