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Air Cooled VW 1967-1974 Generator 12 Volt 30 Amp Equivalent Bosch GR15N

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Item ID: 108-049
VW Part #: 113903031D
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Fits Years:
  • Bay Window Bus 1968
  • Karmann Ghia 1967-1973
  • Split Window Bus 1967
  • Standard Beetle 1967-1973
  • Super Beetle 1971-1973
  • Thing 1973-1974
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1967-1974 Generator 12 Volt 30 Amp Equivalent Bosch GR15N - OEM Number(s) (113903031D,113903031E)

Gain pride in your Volkswagen's Engine compartment's appearance, and increased reliability from your electrical system as well. With a fully charged battery, you'll benefit from fast, reliable starts in the morning... bright lights and a safe ride home in the evening.

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Generator Removal
1. Disconnect negative battery cable at the battery post.
2. Remove air
intake cover where necessary.
3. Identify and label each wire connected to the Generator so that the wires may be replaced in the
same position when installing the replacement Generator
4. Remove wires from Generator.
NOTICE: On Volkswagen applications, note alignment markings on Generator and
hold-down strap. Replacement Generator is installed in the same position.
5. To loosen Generator, remove Generator hold-down strap, or remove bolt from belt adjustment bracket
where equipped.
6. Remove belts, and mounting bolts, then carefully remove Generator.
Generator Installation
1. Install New Generator (using mounting bolts, or hold down strap) making sure belt is on pulley.
NOTICE: On Volkswagen applications rotate Generator so that the alignment marks
on the Generator mate properly with the marks on the
hold down strap.
2. Replace bolt from belt adjustment bracket.
3. Reconnect wire connections making sure they are clean and tight.
4. Reconnect negative battery cable making sure connection is clean and tight.
5. Polarize Generator/Regulator by disconnecting field wire (DF) from regulator and ground this
wire to engine or chassis. Remove battery lead (8+ / #51) from regulator and momentarily touch
this lead to the armature terminal (D+ / #61) of the regulator. Reconnect the field wire (DF) and
the battery
lead wire (8+ / #51) to the regulator.
. Adjust belt tension to 5/8" deflection midway between pulleys. Tighten adjustment bolt, or hold
down strap at this time.
NOTICE: On Volkswagen applications push Generator in or out to achieve
proper belt alignment.
7. Replace air intake cover if necessary.


Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 113903031D
  • 113903031E
  • 707924376340
  • 98-9031-B
  • GR15N
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