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Air Cooled VW California Mini Duster, 12

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Part #: 112-010
Availability: Out of Stock
Fits Years:
  • Bay Window Bus 1968-1979
  • Karmann Ghia 1956-1974
  • Split Window Bus 1950-1967
  • Standard Beetle 1946-1977
  • Super Beetle 1971-1979
  • Thing 1973-1974
  • Type 3 1962-1973
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California Mini Duster, 12"

The California Mini Duster uses paraffin wax baked into its 100% cotton strands to lift and remove dust, not just push it around. This duster has a compact, lightweight design, making it easy to store & easy to keep in your Volkswagen at car shows & during long trips!

The Mini Duster comes designed with a durable, plastic handle. This duster will not scratch your finish. The Mini Duster is the perfect tool for removing dust from mirrors, glass, leather and vinyl upholstery. Perfect for dashboards, the specially treated soft cotton fiber strands are tiny enough to reach into the smallest crevices and gentle enough for your paint finish. 

  • Easy to use with immediate results
  • Protective storage bag included
  • Great for interior & exterior applications
  • 12" total length

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Helpful Hint:

  • Please read: This duster does have a light oil residue on the mop head that is flammable. It is no more flammable than the cotton itself, but can be harmful if placed next to a flammable heat source.
  • Before using, always be sure to check the mop head for any debris! Contaminants can become caught in the cotton, thoroughly check the duster before use to ensure there is nothing in it that can scratch your paint!
  • For best results, use when the vehicle's surface is cool to the touch!

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 624478B
  • 731522624473
  • 88-0257-1