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Air Cooled VW 1975-1979 Upper Speedometer Cable 280mm or 11.02

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Part #: 302-642
VW Part #: 133-957-809
Availability: Out of Stock
Fits Years:
  • Super Beetle 1975-1979
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1975-1979 Upper Speedometer Cable 280mm or 11.02"

Our New Air Cooled VW Speedometer Cables are the what you need If radar guns are the only way to find out how fast you are going!

  • Upper Speedometer Cable
  • Length 280mm or 11.02"
  • VW 133957809

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 133 957 809
  • 133-957-809
  • 133957809

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VW Speedometer Cable Tech Tips

VW Speedometer Cable Tech Tips

If your VW Speedometer has stopped completely, first test the speedometer head to see if it has frozen and broken your cable. To test the speedometer head: First, unscrew the cable at the speedometer head. Then, insert a small screwdriver in to the head socket and rotate it to see if it turns freely. If it’s frozen, you must replace the speedometer before you replace the speedometer cable.

It is recommended to grease the cable before installing it. This will also help eliminate the “bounce” sometimes noted in the Air Cooled VW’s.

A common symptom of VW Speedos is a vibration or flicker of the needle.

This is often caused not by the speedometer or cable but by the square hole in the Front Wheel Bearing grease cap being worn or out of true.

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