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Air Cooled VW 1975-1979 Super Beetle Dual Feed Fuel Tank for Fuel Injection 133201075G

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Item ID: 300-863
VW Part #: 133-201-075-G
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Fits Years:
  • Super Beetle 1975-1979
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1975-1979 Super Beetle Dual Feed Fuel Tank for Fuel Injection 133201075G - OEM Number(s) (133-201-075-G)

The first step to restoring smooth reliable operation to your VW is replacing the rusted fuel tank and lines. Loose dirt, debris and rust scale in your Volkswagen's fuel system rapidly clog fuel filters and plug carburetor jets, leading to poor idle quality, decreased performance and reduced fuel economy.

Capacity of this tank is 10.60 US Gallons, 8.8 Imperial Gallons or 40 Liters.

These tanks are 20 guage (1mm) steel.

The inside of the tank is  zinc-plated is for anti-corrosion because water is heavier than gas, so collects in the bottom of the tank.

They are pressure tested to 80KPA to check for leakage.
  • Two 7mm Fuel Outlets
  • Corrosion-inhibiting Coated Interior

Our Gas Tanks for 1975-1979 VW Super Beetles  are painted black and made to OEM VW specifications. Dual fuel outlets are made for the fuel injected version Beetle.

Note: on the bottom of the tank there are two fuel lines. the one towards the front of the car is the return line. The line towards the back of the car is the supply line with the mesh filter on it.

Important Tech Note !

All fuel tanks are manufactured with a sprayed-on interior rust inhibitor.  This lining must be removed prior to the installation of your new tank.  Failure to do so could cause your carburetor or fuel injection to clog up when gasoline dissolves the preservative and it passes into your vehicle’s fuel system.

Here is the method we employ to prep a fuel tank prior to installation:

•    Close off tank openings with rags and duct tape
•    Add a cleaner such as Carburetor Cleaner, Acetone, or MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone)
•    Caution – No Smoking or Open Flames nearby.
•    Add some small metal parts such as nuts, bolts or washers, then shake and rotate tank.  This causes the preservative to break down and dissolve.
•    Pour out and repeat until the cleaner drains out clear.  Dispose of the used cleaner properly.
•    Remove rags, tape and metal parts.  Allow tank to dry and your tank is ready for installation.

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 133 201 075G
  • 133-201-075-G
  • 133201 075G
  • 133201075 G
  • 133201075G
  • 133201075GBR
  • 686420065487
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