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Air Cooled VW 1971-1979 Super Beetle Heater Channel RH Bottom Plate

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Part #: 303-746
VW Part #: 111-801-172-D
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Fits Years:
  • Super Beetle 1971-1979
Prop 65
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1971-1979 Super Beetle Heater Channel RH Bottom Plate

Repair your Air Cooled VW 1971-1979 Super Beetle RH Heater Channel Bottom Plate now before they rust away. Cutting and welding are required for installation.

  • 70" x 11" x 5"
  • 3lb

VW Beetle Facts:

1952-1968 Standard Sedans and Convertibles use the same heater channels.

1969-1977 Standard Sedans and Convertibles use the same heater channels.

1971-1979 Super Beetle Sedans and Convertibles use the same heater channels.

Over time, the normal wear and tear plus salt can play havoc on your VW Beetle Heater Channels. Heater channel bottom plates are one of the most popular pieces we offer. Most times you can find anything from squirrels nests to mouse nests burrowed deep inside your heater channel and you can repair it much easier than a full heater channel replacement by using one of these bottom plates. They come lightly painted ready for you to sand, cut and weld in place.

Most times you may not even need this full panel! you can use part of it and make your repair even easier!

If you are replacing floor pans, you should certainly make sure the 8 bolts holding the floor pan/support panel come out without ruining the threads. Now is the time to discover this before you go to reassemble.

Please Note: Upon receipt, all body panels must be checked for fit. The nature of vintage cars is that there is normally some fitting, grinding or filling necessary to make new parts fit older and perhaps modified cars. This is normal and is not considered a valid reason to return a part.

Parts which have been modified or painted by the customer or their body shop are not eligible for return. If you are employing a body shop or paint shop, please make them aware of this.

These Replacement Vintage Air Cooled VW sheet metal panels are quality replacement parts produced by companies worldwide. These parts are delivered to us and then to you using ships, trains, trucks and local carriers. Scratches in the rust preventative paint (not considered primer) and minor dings are not unusual and cannot be prevents. Minor flaws are not considered damaged product.

If you have questions, please call prior to ordering. We will be glad to assist you in finding the proper parts for your VW.

Note: Minor repair may be required on some panels.


Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 10012818
  • 111-801-172-D
  • 40077R
  • 686420272229
  • 801-172A71 79 RP
  • 9513072