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Air Cooled VW 1971-1979 Super Beetle Frame Head Bottom Base Repair Panel

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Part #: 303-348
VW Part #: 113-701-311-2
133 701 313A
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Fits Years:
  • Super Beetle 1971-1979
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1971-1979 Super Beetle Frame Head Bottom Base Repair Panel

Replacing the bottom side of the Volkswagen frame head is a fairly common job especially on cars from the Midwest. We have found several cars that have great body work, floor pans and have holes in the bottom side of the frame head. This is a very common over looked area that is critical to your VW's safety. The entire front suspension hinges on this piece.

Our Frame Head Bottom Base Repair Panel is perfect for reinforcing your Frame Head if has begun to rust.

  • 30" x 27" x 2"
  • 12lb
  • Super Beetle 

When replacing the bottom side of a frame head, it is recommended to clean out the entire frame head to rid it of dust and dirt and any other items that may have ended up inside. We have seen several cases of a rodent making a nest inside a frame head and even the tunnel. You will want to make sure that you have a clean surface to weld your replacement panel back on so that the weld is strong.

Please Note: Upon receipt, all body panels must be checked for fit. The nature of vintage cars is that there is normally some fitting, grinding or filling necessary to make new parts fit older and perhaps modified cars. This is normal and is not considered a valid reason to return a part.

Parts which have been modified or painted by the customer or their body shop are not eligible for return. If you are employing a body shop or paint shop, please make them aware of this.

These Replacement Vintage Air Cooled VW sheet metal panels are quality replacement parts produced by companies worldwide. These parts are delivered to us and then to you using ships, trains, trucks and local carriers. Scratches in the rust preventative paint (not considered primer) and minor dings are not unusual and cannot be prevents. Minor flaws are not considered damaged product.

If you have questions, please call prior to ordering. We will be glad to assist you in finding the proper parts for your VW.

Note: Minor repair may be required on some panels.

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 113-701-311-2
  • 133 701 313A
  • 686420272656
  • 95-13-00-4
  • 9513004

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Beetle and Karmann Ghia Frame Head Replacement

Beetle and Karmann Ghia Frame Head Replacement

Tech Note: When replacing a VW Beetle Frame Head we suggest taking several measurements before you cut the original frame head off of the chassis. For example, take a measurement from the bolt holes on the chassis tunnel and the rear chassis support panels to the very front of the existing frame head. Do this on both sides to make sure you get the frame head on square. Make sure you write the measurements down in case this is an on-going project. This will make the replacement much easier!

We also offer frame head bottom plate patch panels so you dont have to remove the entire frame head. Using a replacement bottom plate, you can either peel off the original with an air chisle or leave it on and place directly over for added strength. You will have to cut out the mounting nuts for the sway bars on Super Beetles as well as flatten the original bottom plate and cut into two pieces (one front) (one rear) this of course if you leave the factory lower control arm mount in place. You can remove the factory lower control arm mount but it has heavier welds and you will have to cut it off with a torch or use a grinder to eat through the welds.

It is best to have a chassis turned completely upside down in order to replace the bottom plate neatly and to achieve nice strong welds. A set of sturdy saw horses work very well keeping the chassis about waist high. Remember most of the weight of the chassis is at the back so the back saw horse will need to be almost directly under the front transaxle mount. Otherwise the chassis front can pop up when you slightly bump it.

Most generally when a frame head needs replaced, part of the tunnel bottom will be rusted and or missing. In the picture above you can see where a new cap has been made, formed and welded in for structure and to protect the tunnel. You can not get a tunnel cap anymore unless you go to a salvage yard and can cut out the same section. One can be formed out of a flat piece of sheet metal, .20 gauge or thicker. Our universal piece of sheet metal works great for a chore like this. Just determine what size you need, tack into place and heat up and form in with a hammer as you go. Our hammer set works fine as well.

universal sheet metal repair panel
Air Cooled VW Universal Sheet Metal Repair Panel, 20” X 40” (20 Gauge Thickness)
Volkswagen Body Work Starter Set
Our Volkswagen Body Work Starter Set is an inexpensive way to get started doing your own body work. The 7-piece kit includes 3 hammers with most popular profiles, and 4 dollies--curved, general purpose, heel, and double end hand dolly. Comes with a convenient storage and carry case. For all sheetmetal repairs.

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