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Air Cooled VW 1970-1974 Ghia Windshield Seal American Style

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Part #: 300-121
VW Part #: 143-845-121-D
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Fits Years:
  • Karmann Ghia 1970-1974
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1970-1974 Ghia Windshield Seal American Style

This is the correct windshield seal for a 1970 on Karmann Ghia Sedan or Convertible with the groove for the molding.

  • Top quality EPDM
  • "American" Style with Groove
  • Length 118"

Also known under these part numbers:

  • 143-845-121-D
  • 143845121D
  • 686420276616

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Air Cooled VW Weatherstrip

Volkswagen Window Installation

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white Beetle with Roof Rack

VW Tech Tip: Volkswagen Window Installation

Instructions for Installing Glass in your Classic VW

This is an instructional document on the methods we have found useful in installing window glass in Air-Cooled Volkswagens. We cannot guarantee you will not crack or break your glass.

Glass Removal

  1. If you are trying to save the glass, cut the old weatherstrip with a razor knife.
  2. To attempt to save your weatherstrip, remove the glass and weatherstrip together. First soften the rubber using GoJo hand cleaner with lanolin and no pumice or any soap-based lubricant. It will not stain upholstery and washes off with water.
  3. If you are not saving your weatherstrip and want new weatherstrip for re-installation, be sure to order the correct weatherstrip for your VW.
  4. We are assuming here that you have the chrome molding in your seal, but it does not matter if you have the “American Style” with molding or “Cal Style” without molding for the installation.

    NOTE: For aluminum chrome molding (1970 and earlier models), the molding goes into the seal BEFORE installing the glass into the vehicle. For plastic chrome-look molding, the molding is installed AFTER the glass is in the car. DO NOT try to remove the chrome trim before removing the glass. Leave it in place, as you are very likely to damage the fragile trim.

  5. Remove the interior mirror and put in a safe place for re-installation.
  6. Use a thin, flexible putty knife and start at the inside middle of the windshield, above the interior mirror.
  7. Gently start prying on the rubber flange that holds the windshield. Work the putty knife slowly all the way around. Start in the middle and work equally in both directions while applying gentle pressure out. Do not apply excessive pressure at any one point. DO NOT RUSH!
  8. Once the window is out, lay it down on a clean work bench, outside down.
Beetle rear windshield
  1. Remove the weatherstrip and trim from the glass. Carefully clean all the grooves, particularly if the glass was broken into small pieces.
  2. Install the rubber onto the new glass and hold it temporarily using soap based lubricant or GoJo to help maneuver the glass into the groove. Masking tape or a helper will hold the seal in place. Clean the lubricant off the glass so tape adheres.
  3. If you have the aluminum molding, start the process of reinstalling the trim. Leave the center joiner clips slid off to one side of the joint. Be sure that everything is centered on the glass. Hold everything in place with masking tape. Leave the tape in place. It can be removed after the window is in place.
using soap based lubricant for fitting glass into place
  1. Use the window installation tool (part number 361-093) to install the window. Insert the chord into the weatherstrip groove that holds the window in place, with the 2 ends over lapping at the bottom center of the glass. Leave a couple feet of extra chord hanging out. Coat the entire outer surface of the weatherstrip with a soapbased lubricant. (You can use electrical wire if you prefer it to chord, however be careful not to tear the seal).
using windshield installation tool
  1. With the help of a friend, set the window back into the opening with the chord ends on the inside. Try to set the window so that the bottom weatherstrip will start back over the flange on the body. Don’t worry about the top for now.
setting windshield back into opening
  1. With your friend, gently applying pressure from the outside. Start pulling on the ends of the chord or wire, alternating back and forth to get the window started in the center, working toward the corners.
  2. When you get to the lower corners, stop. Move to the outside and start gently slapping the window with your open palm in a downward motion. This will help settle the window onto the lower flange. As it settles on the flange, the top will start to line up.
  3. With the lower flange started, now start working alternately up the sides. Move to the outside and gently slap the sides into place. The top should get closer to starting as you progress.
  4. With the sides started, slowly work your way across the top, alternating from side to side, gently slapping the glass to get it to settle into place. Your friend on the outside can watch the chrome strips to make sure they stay in place. When the rubber flange is over the body flange all the way around, go to the outside and gently slap the window until you are satisfi ed that the window is seated completely
  5. If you have the aluminum molding slide the trim joiner pieces back over the joint in the trim with a screw driver and remove the masking tape.
  6. With a clean damp rag go over the painted surfaces and inside upholstery to clean off the lubricant. Your VW is now ready to drive with a new window.
VW Weatherstrip & Door Panel Installation Tool Kit
This 4-piece Weatherstrip & Door Panel Installation Tool Kit, enables to you to remove or install your old and new VW weatherstripping or door panels. You’ll glide through your restoration in a snap! We’ve included the tools you need to remove the old retainer clips, adhesive, and weatherstripping and then install your new weatherstripping.
Window Installation Tool With 6 Meters Of 4mm Diameter Cord
Window Installation Tool With 6 Meters Of 4mm Diameter Cord. If you are installing any Volkswagen glass or replacing weatherstrip, then you will fi nd this tool very useful. Use this tool with 6 -meters of cord for installing side glass, windshields, quarter windows and large rear glass. Its design will allow you to insert the cord into weatherstrip grooves for an easier installation.
Window Clip Removal Tool
Window Clip Removal Tool

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Air Cooled VW Weatherstrip: Don't Let The Weather Dampen Your Ride

Air Cooled VW Weatherstrip: Don't Let The Weather Dampen Your Ride

When was the last time you closed the door of your Air Cooled VW and heard that familiar "thunk" that is characteristic of a Volkswagen? Worried that your VW won't pass the air tight test? Then it's time for new weatherstrip! Weatherstrip – or seals – should be an essential part of your restoration. They seal out rain and water, can reduce road noise and ensure proper closure of your doors, trunk and decklid. Mid America Motorworks takes you through the different options in weatherstrip, including quality levels, styles available and tips for installation and maintenance.

Choosing Weatherstrip Quality Counts

When replacing weatherstrip, it is seldom one type fits all. Some Air Cooled VWs are daily-driven road warriors. Others are full-blown customs and then there are the original, low-mileage VWs. Every owner enjoys their VW differently. That's why you'll find different quality levels of weatherstrip. The most prevalent are OEM and Reproduction.

OEM Weatherstrip

OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacturer, weatherstrip is manufactured by the same company that supplied original parts to Volkswagen. It will have a more precise fit and better texture in the overall finish. It will have the same color as original weatherstrip, because it was made with the same materials, using the same process.

Reproduction Weatherstrip

Reproduction weatherstrip is the highest quality reproduction of the original that is available. It is made in the same fashion with the same material as the OEM-styled parts to provide the same fit and function as the original.

weatherstrip installation diagram and black Beetle cabriolet

That's A Looker!

When handling a restoration project, one of the biggest considerations is the look you want to achieve. Yes, that includes the weatherstrip. There are typically 2 options when choosing weatherstrip based on looks: American Style and Cal-look.

American Style

For an original look, restore your Volkswagen with American Style weatherstrip. American Style includes a molding groove that fits aluminum trim for an added touch of originality, as this is the style that appeared on your Beetle from the factory.


Cal-look weatherstrip comes without the groove, providing a basic black/rubber look for your Air Cooled VW.

Weatherstrip Problem Areas

If your Volkswagen has seen lots of road time, there's a good chance that your weatherstrip should be replaced. Still, there are signs you can check to confirm that it's time for an upgrade. Old weatherstrip is easy to identify, because it's typically faded and cracked. Old window and windshield weatherstrip cracks in the corners, particularly in the lower corners. Check there to ensure that moisture doesn't reach the body of your Bus or Beetle, causing rust. When weatherstrip is old, doors, trunks and decklids don't have the same secure closure.

cross section of american style seals and california style seals, and images of front and rear seals installed

Installation Tips & Tricks

Now that you have an idea of what type of weatherstrip to use on your restoration, here are a few tips to help you with the project. Before removing the old weatherstrip, compare the new weatherstrip to ensure the size is correct.

Carefully remove the old weatherstrip and dry fit the new to troubleshoot any possible fitment issues before installing. It's a good idea to keep the old weatherstrip in case you run into issues during installation.

For continuous pieces, like windshield weatherstrip, you want to center the weatherstrip on the windshield for placement. To find the center of your weatherstrip, lay it out on a flat surface, and then fold it in half to find the center. Mark the fold with a piece of tape and place at the center of your windshield.

For weatherstrip with molded ends, place the ends first and stretch the weatherstrip into the shape of the Volkswagen. Use masking tape to hold it in place, as the weatherstrip will naturally fit the shape.

When you're ready to glue the weatherstrip, only glue a small section at a time to ensure that the glue doesn't dry before you get to it.

To extend the life of your new weatherstrip, apply a thin layer of lubricant on the weatherstrip about twice a year. This will keep the weatherstrip from drying out and cracking.

weatherstrip installation tools

See how the pros do it! Get tips from the source, as our experts install VW Beetle Door Weatherstrip and VW Beetle Sedan Hood Weatherstrip.

weatherstrip installation diagram

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