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Air Cooled VW 1964-1966 Beetle Locking Door Handles Matched Pair with Keys

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Item ID: 384-674
VW Part #: 113-898-205-D
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Fits Years:
  • Standard Beetle 1964-1966
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1964-1966 Beetle Locking Door Handles Matched Pair with Keys - OEM Number(s) (113-898-205-D)

This is a pair of Locking Door Handles with matching keys for 1964-1966 Standard Beetle. They install like your original Door Handles. They do not include the screws for mounting, so you must re-use your original. Don't forget to purchase new Door Handle Seals.

Before installing, insert the key and turn the lock back and forth from the lock and unlock position until it turns smoothly.

The keys match and work in either door handle.

Tech Note: In 1964, there was a production change in April and May on the door handles. Please check chassis number to insure you order the correct handles. The 1960-1964 door handles will fit 1964's up to chassis #5888184 US delivery only.

The outward appearance of the 1960-1964 door handles and 1964-1966 door handles look identical, but are internally different. It is possible that someone could have changed the doors on the car, so it is important to check your doors. Here are the differences in the handles.

1960-1964 Door Handles

  • Key turns 180 degrees to lock and unlock the door
  • Does NOT have paddle on backside of handle
  • When in the lock position, the button is locked and cannot be pressed down
  • For US Beetles Produced through April 1964 up to Chassis 5888184

1964-1966 Door Handles

  • Key turns down 45 degrees to lock
  • Paddle is present on back side of handle. It is in line with the key mechanism
  • When in the lock position, the button can still be pressed down because the paddle locks the latch mechanism and not the button
  • For US Beetles Produced in May 1964 from Chassis 5888185 through 1966

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 113 898 205 D
  • 113-898-205-D
  • 113898205D
  • 686420248712