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Air Cooled VW 1956-1974 Ghia Body Molding Clips, 52 Pieces Car Set 141898547B

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Brand Logo Mid America Motorworks Exclusive
Part #: 306-313
VW Part #: 141-853-547-B
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Fits Years:
  • Karmann Ghia 1956-1974
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1956-1974 Ghia Body Molding Clips, 52 Pieces Car Set 141898547B

Freshen up your Karmann Ghia exterior for a very small investment with a new Side Body Molding Kit. This kit contains enough pieces for your Ghia to attach your Body Molding Trim Pieces. Contains 52 Pieces

Note: These body side molding clips attach to holes on body first (thick end of clip goes into body). Tap or press the thinner shaft with a rubber mallet. This will cause the end that is in the body to spread out to hold the clip in place. After you have all of the clips on the body and before you put your molding on, press each clip with your thumb to make sure the thinner shaft does not pop out (this is so you do not damage your molding when you pop it onto the clips).

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 141-853-547-B
  • 141898547B
  • 686420319795

Your body molding clips are usually ground off when you repaint your VW. Or a few of them may just break with age or from an impact.

Our body molding clips (and the body molding trims) are replaced this way:

1.First be sure the clip mounting holes in your body are free from body putty and paint clogging.

2. Press the bulb end of the molding clip into the hole in the body.

3. Now tap in the protruding shaft with a hammer or press in with a blunt tool. This will expand and lock the bulb end inside your metal panel.

4. The clip is now locked in place horizontally to the the ground and is ready for the installation of body molding.

5. To install body molding just lay the molding against the clips and snap the molding onto the clips and snap the molding onto the clips with your thumb or the heal of your hand.