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Baer Brakes is a leader in the Corvette Performance Brake industry that challenges the status quo by focusing on engineering design and innovative technology that delivers complete and detail-oriented solutions to our consumers.

For over 20 years Baer Brakes. has been pushing the boundaries of Corvette Performance Brake Technology. Through engineering design, innovation, and an unwavering passion to bring the most complete solutions to their customers Baer Brakes has cemented it's legacy among the great automotive aftermarket manufacturers.

All of the Corvette Calipers manufactured by Baer Brakes feature stainless steel abutment and anti-rattle (spring tension) clips. These provide protection (a wear surface) for the  caliper so over time the pad  backing plate does not damage the caliper body. The spring tension clips keep pressure on the pad so any pad movement is limited and does not create noise.

All of Baer Brakes Corvette products feature material sourced from the USA. Our products are also machined in house and the fit and finish of our products are completed in our warehouse as well, all in Phoenix, AZ.


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