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ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE RADIO, INC., began manufacturing car radio vibrators in 1982. At that time, there were no new vibrators available, and the original ones had a life of about 18 months in regular service. We designed A solid state vibrator was designed and produced in metal cans with the same base and physical dimensions as the originals. The greatest benefit of the solid-state design was its long service life.

Mid America Motorworks choose Antique Automobile Radio, AAR,Inc almost two decades ago to represent the authentic look of original radios with today and tomorrows features.

They began to make other hard-to-find parts for older car radios. Dial glass and special speakers that are no longer used were added to the audio line.

By 1988 a tiny FM "front end" tuner that could be installed inside some radios to provide the FM band without changing the appearance or function of the original radio. The increased circuit density greatly improved performance and simplified installation. 

In 1996 the Stereo Conversion was introduced. The same IC circuitry as other car radio manufacturers, but with a special interface to allow us to use the original controls and tuning mechanism.

The radio still looks, feels, and is operated the same way as it did when originally manufactured, but the similarity stops when you turn it on! With up to 180 watts RMS of output power and the capability to play in iPods, MP3 players, satellite receivers, or CD players, the performance is thrilling!
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