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Spark Plug Gapping Tool

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Spark Plug Gapping Tool

Most spark plugs will arrive pre-gapped for your Corvette, but it never hurts to double check prior to installation and be able to make any adjustments as needed. This Spark Plug Gapping Tool features SAE on one side and Metric on the other and is a handy tool that any garage or toolbox should have! A properly gapped spark plug is vital to a well performing Corvette.

The spark plug gap is the distance between the center and side electrodes and is set so arcing occurs at the proper voltage and influences the heat range of the spark produced to ignite the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. Too small of a gap can potentially provide too weak of a spark to complete the combustion process and too wide of a gap can cause the spark plug to fire incorrectly and create misfires at high speeds.

To measure your spark plug gaps, select the correct measurement on the tool. If you cannot get the correct gauge through the plug's gap, it needs to be widened. If the gauge runs through the gap without touching the electrodes, the gap is too wide and should be narrowed. Use the built in electrode tool to adjust the gap. Gently bend the ground electrode in to narrow it, or out to widen it. You must be careful and only make minor adjustments at a time to avoid potentially damaging the electrodes. They are durable, but not designed to take a lot of pressure.

Improperly gapped spark plugs run the risk of premature fouling and accelerated wear while causing headaches like loss of power, misfires, poor fuel economy, hesitating, and trouble starting, just to name a few! Make sure your Corvette is running smoothly and reliably with ease!

  • SAE & Metric Measurements
  • Accurately Set Spark Plug Gaps
  • Electrode Tool Built In
  • 8 Durable Round Wire Blades
  • Ensure New Pre-Gapped Plugs are Accurate
  • Double Check Existing Plugs for Correct Gap

SAE Gap Measurements (inches):

  • .025
  • .030
  • .035
  • .040
  • .044
  • .054
  • .060
  • .080

Metric Gap Measurements (Millimeters):

  • .635
  • .762
  • .889
  • 1.01
  • 1.11
  • 1.37
  • 1.52
  • 2.03

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 039564101731
  • W163C
Prop 65