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Vac n Blo Jumbo Vacuum HRS-83BA

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Vac n Blo Jumbo Vacuum HRS-83BA

Everyone enjoys a clean workspace, keep your Corvette, garage, or shop clean & tidy!

The Jumbo Vac 'n' Blo makes vacuuming a breeze! With a 4 HP twin fan motor, it produces 95" of water lift & is the most powerful car vacuum ever tested!

With a convenient wall mount & 24 feet of hose, you also have the option of making it a great central vacuum for your garage & gives you access to every nook & cranny of your Corvette without having to move the vacuum!

The lightweight, all steel body measures 36" long & 7" wide, making it portable & long lasting. It also doubles as a blower to help sweep out your garage in a flash! This vacuum comes with a variety of attachments, leaving you prepared for anything! Reach the furthest corners with its 24 foot hose & two extra 20" extensions!

Deliberately Made Better In The USA.

Other attachments include:

  • Upholstery tool
  • Dust brush
  • Crevice tool
  • Swivel floor & rug tool
  • Blower nozzle
  • Air mattress inflation tool
  • 4 micro detailing heads for small places

Made in the U.S.A!

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 031275112020
  • 112-112020
  • HRS83BA