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Leather and Vinyl Interior Repair Kit

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Leather and Vinyl Interior Repair Kit

A dashboard repair kit with everything you need to make minor repairs on your cracked dashboard. Our dashboard repair kit is designed for a straightforward and efficient repair of cracks and defects in a variety of dashboard types. The kit typically includes a range of components such as a heat transfer tool, clear vinyl adhesive and filler, grain pattern paper, and detailed color match guide to ensure that repairs blend seamlessly with the original dashboard material. 

  • Repair your cracked dashboard
  • Mix colors to find the right match
  • Mimic the grain pattern
  • Save your dashboard from further cracks 

How to Repair a Cracked Dashboard

Repairing a dashboard involves cleaning the area to be repaired, applying the adhesive filler into the damaged spot, and then using the heat transfer tool to cure the filler while imprinting the grain pattern to match the dashboard's texture. This method allows for a durable repair that restores the dashboard's appearance and functionality.

The dashboard repair kit comes with seven different colors that can be used immediately or mixed together to match any factory color.

Causes of a Cracked Dashboard

The causes of a cracked dashboard can be multifaceted, often stemming from prolonged exposure to sunlight and heat which can cause the materials to fade and lose flexibility, leading to cracks. Additionally, the use of harsh cleaning chemicals can strip away protective coatings and exacerbate the deterioration process. It's also possible that manufacturing defects or poor quality materials can contribute to dashboard cracking. Regular maintenance and using sunshades can help mitigate some of these issues.

You can now repair your cracked dashboard with our dashboard repair kit.

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