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Corvette Panel Adhesive and Filler by Evercoat One Quart

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Corvette Panel Adhesive and Filler by Evercoat One Quart

Vette Panel Adhesive / Filler by Evercoat is the premiere product for repairing and installing fiberglass Corvette body panels. It has been formulated to reduce cracking, repair mapping and bond line swelling common with other bonding adhesives and body fillers. Vette Panel Adhesive sands at the same rate as SMC, reducing undercutting of SMC edges and insuring excellent feather-edging capabilities. You can also finish sand Vette Panel Adhesive to a finishable quality without needing to apply a lightweight filler saving you time and money while restoring your Corvette.

  • 1 Quart Quantity For Minor Repair
  • Bonds  Fiberglass Panels
  • Quick-Acting Polyester Repair
  • Excellent Filler for SMC Panels
  • Stops Bonding Adhesive Swelling

Tech Note: SMC, or Sheet Molded Compound, is newer composite material. SMC is a polyester-based material that cannot be repaired with polyester resin. This is due to the mold release agent that is present throughout the entire SMC part.Recognizing SMC from other types of FRP composites is critical so the proper repair can be performed. Parts made with SMC are produced in compression molds, so they are smooth on both the inside and outside. That is the first clue to look for when identifying them. Next, SMC parts do not have an outer gel coat, but they are usually painted or color molded. When the paint is sanded off, the underlying surface has a marble appearance. Finally, when damaged SMC is sanded, short coarse fibers are exposed and a dryer powdery dust is produced compared to conventional materials.

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 023289008703
  • 100870
  • 17181322
  • 870 EVERCOAT

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