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Dielectric Silicone Grease for Weatherstrips and Electrical Connections

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Part #: 114-070
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Dielectric Silicone Grease for Weatherstrips and Electrical Connections

Dielectric Grease protects electrical connections from salt, moisture, dirt and corrosion. Extends the life of bulb sockets and prevent your spark plug boots from fusing to your plugs. Use on: socket connections, spark plug boots, trailer hitches/connections, battery terminals and any other wiring connections. .33oz tube.

If your Corvette keeps "throwing codes" you might have some minor corrosion problems. Cleaning connectors and using this grease might solve lots a problems for a very low cost.

Aging and cracking weatherstrip seals is common issue on Corvettes. To prevent a new weatherstrip seal from cracking, use a silicon dielectric grease (non petroleum base). Apply some on a soft cloth and rub on all rubber seals about once a month. It doesn't take very much to do the job. Lubricants having a petroleum base will cause the weatherstrip seals to surface crack over a period of time. 

Applied to the surface, this silicone grease maintains the sealing attributes and prolongs the life of your weatherstrip seals.

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 686226811509
  • 81150
  • 81150-PER