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1997-2013 Corvette Aluminum Power Seat Track Clevis Replacement Kit

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Part #: 671-368
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Fits Years:
  • 1997-2004
  • 2005-2013
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1997-2013 Aluminum Power Seat Track Clevis Replacement Kit

1997-2013 Seat Track Clevis Replacement Kit.  These aluminum components replace the OE style plastic seat clevises and stabilizers on all 1997-2013 Corvette power seats.

The clevises actuate the up and down seat movement at the front and at the rear of the seat. Originally made of plastic, they grow brittle with age and break.

These custom T6061 Aircraft aluminum replacements will never break. Simple installation. Seat track does not require disassembly for installation.

Each kit is for one seat.

Also known under these part numbers:

  • CS950

1997-2013 Corvette Seat Track Clevis and Stabilizer Replacement Kit Instructions. Part Number 671368

These instructions assume that the seat is out of your Corvette and on your bench, seat track bottom facing you.

1. Remove bolts of pins connecting clevises to the track cross-beams. Discard plastic inserts (if the are not already broken and missing)

2. Drill out rivets on end of each threaded rod. Save washer for later use. Unscrew, remove and discard plastic clevises.

3. Using a 9/64 drill bit, (included in kit) drill down into each threaded rod to a depth of 3/4".

4. Spin both clevises onto their respective rods: They are marked L and R on the end to denote which is RH and LH thread. Using the provided black screws and the washers that were previously under the rivets, secure the clevises onto the threaded rods.

5. Using the provided bolts, nuts, spacers and washers, connect the clevises to their respective mounts on the cross-beams.

6. Tightening the bolt and the lock-nut alternately, snug the assembly together. Each black spacer should be able to be rotated by hand once installed: If it can't be rotated, back off the nut of the bolt a half-turn. Repeat this until you can rotate all four black spacers individually with your fingers.

7. Test seat track for function once the seat is back in your Corvette.