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1997-2004 Corvette Front Edge Rocker Panel Repair Kit Hand Laid Fiberglass

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Part #: 612-893
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Fits Years:
  • 1997-2004
Prop 65
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1997-2004 Front Edge Rocker Panel Repair Kit Hand Laid Fiberglass

Repair the cracked leading end of your factory 1997-2004 Rocker Panel commonly damaged by improper jack placement. This Rocker Panel Repair Kit allows you to cut away the damaged portion and bond a new forward section in place for an economical solution to replacing the entire original panels.   

Note: Hand Laid Fiberglass

Please Note:

Upon receipt, all fiberglass body panels, bumpers, spoilers, hoods, fenders etc must be checked for fit. The nature of Vintage Corvettes and perhaps prior repaired Corvettes is that there is normally some fitting, grinding or filling necessary to make new part fit older cars.

This is especially true when replacing a urethane bumper or panel with a fiberglass part. The urethane, by nature, is more flexible and can form itself to compensate for cars which may be slightly out of spec.

The fiberglass part may require more hand fitting and filling to achieve a good fit. Mold lines and small imperfections may be present. This is normal and is not considered a valid reason to return a part.

Also, parts which have been modified or painted by the customer or their body shop are not eligible for return. If you are employing a body or paint shop, please make them aware of this.

If you have questions, please call prior to ordering. We will be glad to assist you in finding the proper Body Panels and related parts for your Corvette.

All Fiberglass Body Panels will require sanding & priming prior to painting.

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 686420285977
  • AGK702

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Corvette Aerodynamic Body Kits

Corvette Aerodynamic Body Kits: Front To Rear

Build The Corvette Of Your Dreams!

Your Corvette sends a clear message to other drivers about your passion for America's Sports Car. Customize that message with exterior accessories available at Mid America Motorworks. Grilles, side cove screens, rear valances and more create a sleek look that reflects your personal style!

Besides good looks, Corvette Aerodynamic Body Panels give many functional benefits to your Corvette's performance and handling. From improved downforce to brake cooling, Mid America Motorworks provides the right equipment to make your Corvette run faster and more efficient.

Corvette Aerodynamic Body Panels

Front Splitters

Corvette Splitters are a modification to the body of your Corvette. Attached to the bottom of the front bumper, splitters look like a flat scoop that extends out from the bottom of the car.

Without a Splitter: As your Corvette reaches high speeds, air pressure builds up at the front of the car. A lot of this high pressure creates low speed air that ends up underneath the car. With only low pressure air above the car exerting itself on top, the car experiences lift, causing the front of the car to lighten up. This results in reduced traction on the road.

Diagram showing air flow over a Corvette without a splitter

With a Splitter: Splitters act like a wedge that forces the high pressure air upwards where it builds up around the bumper and migrates up and over the top of your Corvette. The low pressure creates high speed air that passes underneath your car. Combined with the high pressure air that is passing over the top of your Corvette, lift is reduced, resulting in a positive downforce. This gives your Corvette more traction as it hugs the road. A combination of a splitter with a front air dam, or openings on the front bumper, direct the extra air into productive avenues, such as into the brake or radiator cooling ducts.

Diagram showing air flow over a Corvette with a splitter

Aerodynamic body upgrades, in general, are for redirecting air to carry out various functions. Front splitters have a lot to offer in looks and functionality. However from a styling and aerodynamic aspect, front splitters are not the only game in town! It is actually possible to get the same performance gains with a quality front lip spoiler. Like a front splitter, a front lip spoiler attached to the front bumper of your Corvette improves downforce and aerodynamics while providing protection and styling to the front bumper. Front splitters include an under body tray that aids in rigidity and improving downforce. Front lip spoilers perform to a lesser extent, but are a cost efficient upgrade for aggressive good looks.

Images of a front splitter and a front lip spoiler

Wheel Deflectors

Front wheel deflectors attach to the OEM wheel well liner mounting points located inside the front fascia at the front of the wheel well opening of your Corvette. These deflectors mount at the lower attaching point where the wheel deflector meets the spoiler or splitter.

Wheel Deflectors

Front wheel deflectors are designed to push airflow around the rotating wheel more efficiently to reduce lift and drag. Front wheel deflectors are available in two designs. One with spats and one without spats.

Wheel Deflectors

Wheel deflectors with spats have an “L” shaped end that supports and braces the underside and the end of your spoiler or splitter.

Wheel deflectors without spats function the same, but the lower end does not fit under the spoiler or splitter and simply "butts against" the spoiler or splitter.

Front Canards/Winglets

Front canards are tall wings (think RPO Z07) or smaller winglets (think Z06 front splitter) attached to the front splitter or spoiler of your Corvette for the purpose of modifying the aerodynamic characteristics of your car.

The most common use of canards is to increase front downforce on Corvettes where the balance of traction is considered to be unfavorably biased towards the rear wheels. The canards, once installed, provide additional downforce at the front of the vehicle, adjusting the balance of traction and thus improving the handling characteristics of the car.

Front Canards and Winglets

Side Skirts

Side skirts prevent lateral high pressure air from moving underneath your Corvette. The addition of side skirts also assists in re-purposing the air from behind the front wheels to create additional downforce and added vehicle stability.

Side skirts are somewhat similar in principle to splitters. As your Corvette reaches high speeds, air pressure builds up at the front of the car. A lot of this high pressure, low-speed air ends up underneath the car, and with only low pressure air above the car exerting itself on top, the car experiences lift, causing the front of the car to lighten up. This results in reduced traction on the road. Side skirts also help reduce unwanted paint damage from rocks and other road or track debris.

Side Skirt

Side Vents

Side vents can be seen behind the front or rear wheels, allowing for airflow to exit the wheel wells which typically remains turbulent from the rotation of the wheels. These can also be used to channel out hot air from the engine bay or direct cool air to the brakes.

Various images of side vents

Rear Diffusers

A rear diffuser is a portion of the rear end shaped to create a location of increasingly larger air volume below the rear of your Corvette that reduces turbulent airflow. This allows for fast-moving, low pressure air underneath the car to accelerate and expand at the rear of the vehicle.

The diffuser helps to accelerate the air underneath the car which reduces its pressure and improves downforce.

Rear Diffuser

Rear Spoilers & Wings

Spoilers and wings are different than the other handling adjustment tools for several reasons.

  • The magic of a spoiler or wing is that they produce a load on the tires, which translates to increased cornering speeds.
  • Stronger acceleration out of the corner without wheel-spin.
  • The downforce produced by the wing increases with vehicle speed and therefore the speed of the air over the wing increases. However, this creates a concurrent increase in aerodynamic drag that slows the car's straight line speed but greatly improves cornering speeds.
Rear Spoiler and Wing

Rear Wicker

Wicker Height: These spoilers can be changed rapidly to tune the aero of a wing, with larger wickers generally giving more downforce.

Wicker Span: On wings it is common for wickers to not run the entire length of the wing. As the span (or width) is reduced, the effectiveness or downforce of the wicker will also be reduced, however the drag and turbulence created by the wicker is reduced. Because of the large impact of front end turbulence on the flow over the car and to the rear wing, a smaller/ narrower wicker does sometimes produce more overall downforce than a larger one.

Rear Wicker

NACA Ducts

These air scoops are designed to have minimal impact on airflow over the top of your Corvette while still creating an inlet for airflow. They can be used in nearly any application that requires airflow to enter the engine bay for cooling. Whether that's feeding an air intake, a radiator or even cooling for a driver.

NACA Ducts

Hood Extractor

Hood extractors allow for a clean exit for the air passing through the radiator, and they also help to maintain airflow through the engine bay, increasing cooling capabilities.

Hood Extractor

Build The Corvette Of Your Dreams

Enhance the aerodynamics of your Corvette with the stylish good looks and unrivaled performance of these styling components. Now that you've learned the basics of these components, you can shop confidently and find the right performance and look for your Corvette. All of our aerodynamic body panels are available in a factory style Carbon Flash finish, painted to match exact OE colors, or upgrade to the lightweight, aggressive looks of 100% real carbon fiber.

Corvette displaying side skirts and front splitters
2005 - 2022 Side Skirts
2005-2013 ZR1 Style Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (Fits Base Model) 666-405 $699.99
2006-2013 ZR1 Style Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (Fits Z06/ZR1/GS) 666-407 $699.99
2005-2013 Zero6 Style Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (Fits Base Model) 698-769 $829.99
2006-2013 Zero6 Style Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (Fits Z06/ZR1/GS) 698-772 $924.99
2014-2019 Zero1 Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (Fits Stingray) 698-608 $859.99
2015-2019 Zero1 Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (Fits Z06/GS) 698-622 $859.99
A 2014-2019 Z06 Style Side Skirts, Carbon Flash (Fits Stingray/Z06/GS) 677-523 $899.99
2020-2022 V3.06 No-Drill Side Skirts, Carbon Flash 688-802 $1,399.99
2020-2022 SV7 Factory Style Side Skirts, Carbon Flash 688-803 $1,649.99
2020-2022 V2.0 Wingless Wide Skirts, Carbon Flash 688-805 $1,649.99
2005 - 2022 Front Splitters
2005-2013 ZR1 Style Front Splitter, Carbon Flash (Fits Base Model) 666-404 $699.99
2006-2013 ZR1 Style Front Splitter, Carbon Flash (Fits Z06/ZR1/GS)666-406 $699.99
2014-2019 Stage 1 Front Splitter, Carbon Flash (Fits Stingray/Z06/GS) 698-564 $569.99
2014-2019 Stage 2 Front Splitter, Carbon Flash (Fits Stingray/Z06/GS) 677-521 $899.99
B2014-2019 Stage 3 Front Splitter, Carbon Flash (Fits Stingray/Z06/GS) 630-519 $1,096.99
2020-2022 V3.51 Z51 Style Front Splitter, Carbon Flash 688-801 $949.99
2020-2022 SV7 Factory Style Front Splitter, Carbon Flash 688-804 $1,649.99
2020-2022 V2.0 Wingless Front Splitter 688-806 $1,649.99
Rear Spoiler on Corvette
2005 - 2022 Rear Spoilers
C2005-2013 Full Width Grand Sport Style Rear Spoiler, Unpainted 628-520 $239.99
2006-2013 ZR1 Style Rear Spoiler, Carbon Flash (Fits Z06/ZR1/GS) 698-779 $1,249.99
2014-2019 Z51 Style Rear Spoiler, Carbon Flash (Fits Stingray) 698-635 $654.99
2015-2019 Stage 2 Rear Spoiler Conversion Kit (Fits Z06/GS) 698-637 $319.99
2015-2019 Stage 3 Rear Spoiler Conversion Kit (Fits Z06/GS) 698-638 $714.99
2020-2022 GM Z51 Rear Spoiler, Unpainted 688-800 $799.99

Stand Out With Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber accessories will certainly give your Corvette an aggressive, racing inspired look, but it doesn't stop there. Carbon fiber is approximately 20% stronger and stiffer than even the best fiberglass and absorbs energy at a higher rate. Carbon fiber and fiberglass share some similar attributes, but carbon fiber will always be stronger, stiffer, and lighter. Give your Corvette a whole new competitive edge.

2005 - 2019 Carbon Fiber Upgrades
2005-2013 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser 630-744 $999.99
2005-2013 Carbon Fiber Full Width Rear Spoiler 630-742 $809.99
2005-2013 Carbon Fiber World Challenge Vented Hood 630-740 $1,719.99
2014-2019 Concept7 Carbon Fiber Front Splitter (Fits Stingray/Z06/GS) 607-211 $1,495.99
2014-2019 Adjustable Carbon Fiber 3 Piece Front Splitter (Fits Stingray) 698-458 $2,303.99
2014-2019 Concept7 Carbon Fiber Side Skirts (Fits Stingray/Z06/GS) 607-212 $1,395.99
2014-2019 Concept7 Carbon Fiber Z51 Style Rear Spoiler (Fits Stingray) 607-206 $1,395.99
2014-2019 Concept7 Carbon Fiber Side Cove Trim (Fits Stingray) 607-203 $795.99
2014-2019 Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser 630-762 $1,584.99
2014-2019 Concept7 Carbon Fiber Hood Extractor (Fits Stingray/GS) 607-202 $1,295.99
2015-2019 Carbon Fiber Hood Extractor (Fits Z06) 630-754 $604.99
All parts discussed shown installed on front facing and rear facing images of Corvettes

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