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1992-1994 Corvette OptiSpark Distributor Unit

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  • 1992-1994
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1992-1994 OptiSpark Distributor Unit

The 1992-1994 OptiSpark Distributor fails most frequently when exposed to moisture causing a no start condition, engine misfire, and even just generally poor performance.  Direct exposure to coolant leaks from the water pump are a primary cause of failures. Due to the nature of the replacement work, it is wise to replace OptiSpark distributor and water pump as a set. 

  • Fit All 1992-1994 Except ZR1
Tech Tip: On 1992-1996 LT1 Corvettes, you must remove the water pump to service the OptiSpark Distributor. So when you service your OptiSpark Distributor, it is a good time to replace a questionable water pump. In fact, the most common cause of OptiSpark Distributor failure is a coolant leak from the pump. Whenever you remove your water pump, always replace the gasket to prevent leaks.

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 00082617764018
  • 10457702
  • 19212299
  • 84-1832
  • CZ20009
  • DA4