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1986-1996 Corvette Ignition Key Blank VATS Code 11

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Item ID: 643-312
GM Part #: 26019401
Availability: Out of Stock
Fits Years:
  • 1986-1996
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1986-1996 Ignition Key Blank VATS Code 11 - OEM Number(s) (26019401)

The only thing more frustrating than a key that won't work is trying to find a replacement for it. Now you can avoid such hassles with a brand new VATS Key Blank for your 1986-1996 Corvette.

Corvettes from 1986-1996 with VATS (Vehicle Anti-Theft System) keys have value based specially coded OHM resistors built into the key blank. For this period of production, there are 15 separate values. Without the correct key value, your Corvette will not start.

To determine which code your system requires, you can place a voltmeter (set at 20K) on your existing key and measure the Ohms from the pellet. If your reading does not directly match a value listed here, round it to the nearest number. Or you can have your local GM dealer measure the resistance of your key.

  • Fits 1986-1996 Corvettes
  • GM Original Ignition PASS-Key
  • Sold Individually
  • VATS Code #11
  • Brand New, Blank Key
  • Exact Reproduction
  • Features GM Logo
  • GM # 26019401

NOTE: Due to these keys not being readily available, we strongly advise the purchase of two keys in case your key is misplaced and avoid having to go through the process of having your key cut again.

Use the following table to help determine which VATS code your Corvette requires.

VATS Code # Ohms Resistance Value Letter Codes
1 0.402k None
2 0.523k CN or YT
3 0.681k FB or JB
4 0.887k EJ or GP
5 1.130k KA, KP, or UR
6 1.470k N5 or Q3
7 1.870k KH or UN
8 2.370k XB or ZB
9 3.010k GA or QM
10 3.740k NP or XJ
11 4.750k FY or JH
12 6.040k C5 or CR
13 7.500k KM or XY
14 9.530k ET or KB
15 11.800k U3 or UW

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 26019401
  • 504371-11
  • 686420067061
  • LMF1255-11
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