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1986-1995 Corvette Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) Sensor

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Part #: 611-040
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Fits Years:
  • 1986-1995
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1986-1995 Manifold Air Temperature (MAT) Sensor

Replace your 1986-1995 C4 Corvette Manifold Air Temperature Sensor with a 100% new unit. The sensor tool clips directly to the MAT Sensor and allows a digital voltmeter to read the signal being sent to the ECM. This sensor should be tested regularly to insure the proper fuel mixture is being supplied to your engine. Instructions included.

Note for L98 Owners: Hamburgers or Mushrooms?  There are 2 designs of Manifold or Air Charge Temperature Sensors used in Corvette production between 1985-1995. The sensor and signal is the same but the Packard connector style (color) changed over a period of time during 1986 production.  Confirm the connector style (color) in your Corvette engine before ordering, etc.  The 601036 is the “hamburger” shaped style (gray) early style 1985-86??  The 611040 is the later style 1986??-95. “mushroom” shaped style (black) connector.

Also known under these part numbers:

  • 12001
  • 213-928
  • TS10077