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1980-1993 Corvette Oxygen Sensor 1 Wire

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Item ID: 608-660
GM Part #: 19211437
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Fits Years:
  • 1980-1982
  • 1984-1993
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1980-1993 Oxygen Sensor 1 Wire - OEM Number(s) (19211437)

Replacement Oxygen sensor for 1980-1993 Corvette. Proper functioning O2 Sensors increase your gas mileage and performance.

Take the time to read the Technical Tip as an overview to the functionality of Oxygen Sensors.

The chart below gives some of the Typical C4 Corvette Tuned Port Engine Malfunction Codes.

Typical C4 Tuned Port Engine Malfunction Codes
Abrv Fault Code Malfunction
Code 12 ECM system check. It is not a fault code
O2 Code 13 O2 Sensor circuit open or shorted
CTS Code 14 Coolant Sensor temperature circuit voltage low (High temperature indicated)
CTS Code 15
Coolant Sensortemperature circuit voltage high (Low temperature indicated)
TPS Code 21 Throttle Position Sensor circuit (Loltage High)
TPS Code 22
Throttle Position Sensor circuit (Voltage Low)
MAT Code 23 MAT Sensor
VSS Code 24
Vehicle Speed Sensor fault
MAT Code 25
MAT Sensor
EGR Code 32
MAF Code 33 MAF Sensor Manifold absolute pressure sensor (Voltage Low)
MAF Code 34
MAF SensorManifold absolute pressure sensor (Voltage High)
Code 36
Burn-Off Function Fault
Code 41
Cylinder Select
EST Code 42
Electronic Spark Timing fault
ESC Code 43
Electronic Spark Control fault
O2 Code 44
Lean Exhaust Indication (Low O2 Sensor Voltage)
O2 Code 45
Rich Exhaust Indication(High O2 Sensor Voltage)
Code 46
Vehicle Anti-Theft Fault
Code 51 MEM/CAL PROM Fault (programable read only memory)
Code 53
System Over Voltage
Code 54
Fuel Pump Voltage Low
ECM Code 55
ECM fault (electronic control module)


Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • ASF21
  • 19211437
  • 707773489673
  • ASF21
  • ES10966