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1968 Corvette 327 Spark Plug Wire Set Date Coded 3-Q-67

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  • 1968
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1968 327 Spark Plug Wire Set Date Coded 3-Q-67

1968 327 Dated Spark Plug Wire Set 3-Q-67. Production date indicated by quarter of year printed on the wire sheath.

  • Correct wire marking and boots.
  • Original length wires


In order to satisfy the most discriminating Corvette Enthusiasts & Restorers, Mid America Motorworks offers 100% authentic 1968 Corvette OE Reproduction Spark Plug Wires. Our OE Reproduction Spark Plug Wires provide the finishing touch for any original or restored  Corvette.

Each 1968 Corvette Spark Plug Set is built using original GM blue prints, cut to the exact length to provide a tailored factory correct look. Our Reproduction Corvette Spark Plug Wire Sets also include correct factory scripts on the wire as well as the correct spark plug wire boots.

In January 1961 GM began date coding spark plug wires for their own internal identification. 1961 Corvettes built prior to January 1961 did not receive date coded spark plug wires. Research has shown that most Corvettes had spark plug wires that were dated from 1 to 4 quarters prior to the build date of the car. That translates to a time period of 1 to 12 months. Production runs of a particular model actually began in September or October of the previous year. Example: The first 1964 Corvettes actually left the assembly line in September or October of 1963. Keeping this in mind, you should determine when
your car was manufactured and order the date code (year and quarter) for your spark plug wires accordingly.

Below you will find our recommended Corvette Spark Plug Wire Dating chart. The VIN numbers shown are the last 5 digits of the Corvette's VIN number. This number corresponds to the Corvette's build sequence number.




00001 thru 12647



12648 thru 28566


Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 1222-673
  • 1222673