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1968-1969 Corvette 327 or 350 Fuel Pump Replacement

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Part #: 609-797
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Fits Years:
  • 1968-1969
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1968-1969 327 or 350 Fuel Pump Replacement

327 and 350 Small Block Replacement Fuel Pump. Replace your 1968-1969 Corvette Fuel Pump with this replacement  unit. Gives your Corvette the fuel pressure and volume required to deliver the high performance the engineers intended!

Your Small Block Corvette mechanical fuel pump is driven by the camshaft. As the shaft turns, a cam passes under a pivoted lever and forces it up at one end. When the lever pulls the diaphragm down, it creates suction that draws fuel along the fuel pipe into the pump through a one-way valve.

  • 1968 327 Small Block Applications
  • 1969 350 Small Block Applications
  • Replacement  Quality
  • 2 Gaskets Included

Also known under these part numbers:

  • 10012818
  • 40709

How To Install Your New Mechanical Fuel Pump

1968 327 Corvette

1969 350 Corvette

Handle you new Corvette fuel pump with care. Make sure no dirt enters the inlet and outlet ports. Be sure to remove any and all protective plugs. Make sure all fittings are in good condition and properly installed and secure. Check for fuel and oil leaks with engine at idle speed only. FOR YOUR PROTECTION THE HOOD SHOULD BE CLOSED WHEN REVVING ENGINE.

Installation Instructions

1. Before removing old fuel pump, note whether fuel section is "up" of "down" position.

2. Disconnect fuel lines from pump. Check to see if swelling or cracks are evident in the lines.

3. Remove the mounting bolts and pump from the engine block. Then remove old mounting gasket from the black and clean the surface.

4. Check the push rod (if used) for signs of ear. Replace if necessary.

5. Add grease to the rocker arm pad and rocker arm cavity to lubricate the internal parts.

6. Place the new mounting gasket onto the surface of the pump, holding it in place while starting bolts thru pump flange and gasket.

7. After the bolts are started into engine block, tilt the pump either toward or away from the block. This correctly places the lever against the cam.  NOTE: On push rod driven pumps, make sure the pump lever is mounded under the push rod: if not, damage usually results. A common practice is to use a hacksaw blade or similar object to hold the push rod up while placing the pump lever underneath the push rod when the engine is at low cam. If the ump is properly positioned, you should hear an internal squeaking noise with each movement of the pump.

8. Tighten bolts evenly from one side to the other firmly.

9. Align and tighten both fuel lines, then check for leakage. make sure all fittings, hoses and clamps are securely tightened to prevent leakage that could cause a fire when starting engine.

10. CAUTION: If the old pump had a ruptured diaphragm gasoline may have leaked in the crankcase. Check and change engine oil if necessary to prevent engine bearing damage due to poor lubrication.

11. If after following the above instructions step-by-step the pump does not deliver sufficient fuel there is a strong possibility of engine cm wear. This should be checked.