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1966 Corvette C2 Chassis Restoration Stencil and Paint Kit

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  • 1966
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1966 C2 Chassis Restoration Stencil and Paint Kit

This Chassis Restoration Stencil and Paint Kit includes everything required to correctly detail the chassis of your 1966 Corvette! This kit was developed to be able to reproduce the factory inspection markings for an accurate restoration. These marks were originally used to help identify parts on the assembly line, keep track of a particular car, or to let the line workers know that an assembly had been inspected.

Many Corvettes are weathered to the point that these marks are no longer visible. This Stencil and Paint Kit contains a technical bulletins that provides examples of the original locations and colors of marks. Frame part number stencils were applied by A.O. Smith, Inc. after the frame was painted. These stencils were originally used to track the frames produced. The stencil includes an A.O. Smith part number and/or a GM part number, an A.O. Smith "dash" number, and on many years, a date. This kit includes an accurate reproduction of your frame stencil.

  • Correct for 1966 Corvettes
  • Accurate, Custom-Made Frame Stencil
  • White Frame Stencil Fast-Drying Spray Ink
  • Special Permanent Paint Crayons (Shim, Option Code, & Engine Marks)
  • Six to Eight Correct, Color Matched Inspection Mark Paints
  • Original Thickness & Width Shim Hold-Down Tape
  • Technical Bulletins Included (Guide for Correct Marking Locations)

Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 01-07

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