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1958-1974 Corvette Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit Ignitor I PerTronix

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PerTronix Performance Products
Part #: 609-421
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Fits Years:
  • 1958-1962
  • 1963-1967
  • 1968-1974
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1958-1974 Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit Ignitor I PerTronix

You will also see a 2:1 improvement over points in current fall time for increased coil performance. Rotating cobalt magnets trigger a Hall Effect integrated circuit so there are no points to burn out and no moving parts to wear out. The electronic ignition module also features an epoxy molding making it impervious to dirt, oil, grease and moisture.

  • Up to 45,000 Volts of Energy to the Plug for Improved Combustion and Performance
  • No Permanent Modifications to your Stock Distributor and Retains all Function of your Tach Drive
  • No More Points to Replace and Fewer Tune-Ups Needed
  • Longer Spark Plug Life
  • Legal in all 50 States and Canada (C.A.R.B E.O. # D-57-10, D-57-2 and D-57-12)

IGNITOR Electronic Ignition is available in three versions. The chart below helps illustrate the additional benefits and features of the three IGNITOR Electronic Ignition Kits.

 Feature Comparison
 Ignitor  Ignitor II
Ignitor III
Fits entirely inside the distributor. No "Black Box" to clutter the engine compartment
 X  X
Stable timing...No need for adjustment  X  X  X
Epoxy molded module makes module impervious to dirt, oil grease and moisture
 X  X  X
Hall Effect integrate circuit. No pints to burn, no moving parts to break.  X  X  X
Surface Mount Technology  X  X  X
Legal in all 50  States and Canada. (C.A.R.B. E.O. # D-57-22)  X  X  X
Compatible with most pint type ignition coils.  X  X  X
Adaptive dwell control maintains peak energy throughout the entire RPM.    X  X
Engine Start-up energy boost.    X  X
Reverse polarity and over current protection.    X  X
Compatible with low resistance ignition coils.    X  X
Thermal Clad construction.      X
Integrated adjustable REV limiter with LED feedback.
Multi-spark ignition.      X


Also known under these part numbers:

  • 1181
  • 25-126566-1