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1955-1961 Corvette Voltage Regulator

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Item ID: 617-449
GM Part #: 14016284
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Fits Years:
  • 1955-1961
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1955-1961 Voltage Regulator - OEM Number(s) (14016284)

1955-1961 OEM Style Voltage Regulator.  Correct fit and charging rate for your C1.  May look slightly different than the original regulator, but functions like original.  Non-Returnable Electronic Item.

Please Note:

Each of our Regulators are hand-tested prior to shipment.  Please check your complete charging system prior to installation, as Regulators are an electronic component and are not returnable, per the manufacturer.  If they fail, it is due to improper installation or to a malfunction somewhere else in the charging system.

 Some common signs that your charging system is not working properly:

1.  Voltage Regulator emits buzzing sound

2.  Alternator is not producing proper level of current

 Solutions for Charging System problems:

1.   Check to see that Voltage Regulator is properly and sufficiently grounded

2.  Check all wiring connections

3.  Load test the battery and make sure it will hold a 12-14 Volt charge

4.  Make sure the Alternator or Generator is producing the proper amperage.  Too high level of amperage will cause a good regulator to fail rapidly

5.  Alternator/generator output voltage should be 12-14 Volts.  Lower output can cause Regulators to buzz.  Lower or higher output will cause a good regulator to fail





Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • 01119000
  • 14016284