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1953-2019 Corvette RAGGTOP Convertible Top Fabric Cleaner Kit

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Part #: 112-020
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Fits Years:
  • 1953-1962
  • 1963-1967
  • 1968-1982
  • 1984-1996
  • 1997-2004
  • 2005-2013
  • 2014-2019
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1953-2019 RAGGTOP Convertible Top Fabric Cleaner Kit

RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Fabric Cleaner & Protectant Kit has been exclusively formulated to clean and protect fabric convertible tops for the very best in convertible top care. 

The kit contains:

  • 16 fl. oz. spray bottle of RAGGTOPP Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner
  • 14 oz. aerosol can of RAGGTOPP Fabric Protectant
  • Storage bag

RAGGTOPP™ Convertible Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner has been exclusively formulated for both fabric and vinyl convertible tops and will safely remove even the toughest soils, stains and even some mildew. It is tough on dirt but will not harm or streak your paint, metal trim, plastic or rubber surfaces. 

You can effectively use RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner on fabric convertible tops, interior vinyl, door panels, seats, and dashes as well as carpet, plastic and rubber. Great for use on both exterior & interior vinyl and plastic surfaces as well.

Our exclusive low pH balanced, non-bleach, anti-oxidant formula will leave no residue and it is also non-toxic, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

RAGGTOPP™ Convertible Top Fabric Protectant  is a patented OEM formulation that will protect your fabric convertible top as well as the stitching from the harsh environmental elements.

The professional strength RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Fabric Protectant fluoropolymer formulation bonds to the top of the fabric and renews stain and water repellency to extend the life of your fabric convertible top.

RAGGTOPP Convertible Top Fabric Protectant UV blocking absorbers from CIBA Tinuvin© offers extreme protection to exposure to the harsh environmental elements from nature and man.

Ozone friendly, VOC compliant and contains no silicone, Freon or chlorofluorocarbons.

We provide you with only the highest quality products to care for your Corvette!

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Helpful Hint:

  • Store and use above 40 degrees.
Tested and endorsed by HARRTZ, The World's Leading Manufacturer of Convertible Top Materials


Also known under these part numbers:

  • 01165
  • 637200011651
  • 88-0251-1

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  • Products that contain flammable, volatile or corrosive chemicals

Winter Maintenance for Your Corvette Convertible Top

That convertible cruiser, sports car or roadster is hardly a good investment if it stays in the garage for half the year. Countless Corvette Enthusiasts are catching on to this and demanding convertibles that can be used year-round. For that reason, it's now more common to see Corvette Convertibles being driven around in the winter months, covered in snow and salt.

And why not?

Automakers have made strides towards unmatched levels of year-round performance and durability from their products, and convertibles are no exception.

Douglas Haartz is the International Sales Manager at Haartz Corporation -- a company that creates textiles used by most Tier 1 automotive suppliers and aftermarket manufacturers in convertible top fabrics, including Corvette

"Today's soft-top convertibles are true, all-season vehicles," commented Haartz.

"The evolution of convertible-top materials in the past several decades has enhanced the market for all-season enjoyment. Through innovations in surface or combining composites, the owner today can be assured that the top material is up to the challenge of everyday use. All materials used in modern convertibles is engineered to withstand the four seasons, and what Mother Nature can dish out."

However, just like any other system in your Corvette, convertible tops require a little extra attention to maintain their appearance and functionality in the long run -- especially when they're driven in wintertime.

Here are a few tips to keep that convertible looking its finest for years to come:

  • Frequent washes/rinses at your favorite coin-operated car wash are a great idea. These will maintain the shine and luster built into your top by removing abrasive salt and sand that can diminish the top's finish over time. Hand washing is ideal, but soft-cloth car washes can be used, too.
  • Treatments that offer cloth-top protection and water repellency are available, and can be applied ahead of winter driving for an added layer of protection. Haartz mentions "a good cleaning and retreatment application several times per year will keep your top looking the best." 
  • RAGGTOPP Convertible Care Products have been exclusively tested and endorsed by Haartz, manufacturer of convertible topping for Corvette.
  • After a snowfall, remove all ice and snow from the convertible roof. Don't hack and chip away at ice or heavy snow, and be sure to use a soft brush or your hand wrapped in a mitt. Do not use a hard-bristled brush or ice scraper. Let your car warm up or park in a warm garage ahead of time to use temperature, not force, to loosen snow and ice. Heavy brushes and scraping could possibly damage your roof fabric.
  • Don't operate your roof in cold temperatures. There's no need to cycle your roof between "up" and "down" positions in cold-weather months.
  • This rule goes for all year: Don't put your roof down if it's wet. This can cause premature wear, and is an invitation for damaging mold and mildew.
  • Be careful with that ice scraper when cleaning frost or ice from your windows. One slip and it could scratch your Corvette Convertible Top. Use it with extra care, or pre-heat your convertible to melt frost from the windows.