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1953-2023 Corvette Portable 16' Telescoping Car Show Flagpole

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Part #: 118-203
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1953-2023 Portable 16' Telescoping Car Show Flagpole

Our Corvette  Portable 16' Telescoping Car Show Flagpole will become your show must have. Simply place this sturdy flag pole beneath your Corvette's tire and you can fly any flag proudly.

This Corvette Flagpole is perfect for identifying your Corvette when it is parked among thousands of others at Corvette Funfest or showing your Corvette passion at any other automotive event.

Best of all, it folds up compact so it is easily transported in the back of any Corvette! Base is 24" steel, collapses flat to fit in your Corvette. Can comfortably fly one 3' x 5' flag. 

  • Fits All Corvette Applications
  • Compact; Fits Easily Inside Your Corvette
  • Lightweight And Portable
  • Easy Set Up And Tear Down; No Tools Required
  • 16' Flagpole Height, Collapses To 44"
  • 1 1/2" Flagpole Diameter
  • Instructions Included
  • Flag Sold Separately

Also known under these part numbers:

  • ZE782

Mid America Motorworks Corvette 16’ Portable Telescopic Car Show Flagpole

Step-by-Step “Set-up instructions

Step 1: Creating the Corvette Flagpole Base

Remove all pieces from the nylon carry bag. Remove bubble wrap from the wheel mount base. Unfold the portable flagpole from the bracket.

Locate the hole in the ground sleeve, which is 10” from the wheel mount base. Make sure that the hole and the holes in the telescoping flagpole are all aligned. With the holes aligned, connect the side hinge arms to the flagpole, by inserting the silver bolt through the hinge arms, the ground sleeve and the flagpole, anchoring the flagpole to the base. Tighten the lock nut until snug. The hinge arms must be able to rotate on the pipe with a small amount of tension.

At this point, SLOWLY roll car tire on the flat portion of the wheel mount bracket. Please make sure that the vertical portion of the wheel mount bracket is at least 6 inches away from the car wheel.

Step 2: Attaching your Corvette Flags

To attach you favorite Corvette Flag use the enclosed flag clips. Attach the large flag connector to the bottom of the flag. Likewise, attach the small flag connector to the top of the flag. Slide the large flag connector to the desired location and then slide the small connector onto the top of the flagpole. As extra-large flag connector4 and second large flag connector are included with this kit, if you wish to fly a second flag below the top flag. After sliding the flag connectors on the pole put the plastic ornamental silver ball into the top end of the flagpole.

For Temporary Applications:

Firmly pull and Twist each section to create the “friction lock” between each section of the pole. The flagpole may stay extended in the vertical position indefinitely, but may stay collapse with wind motion. If this occurs, simply re-extend the pole and lock each section.

To collapse the pole, simply loosen the bottom section and gently lower the pole, loosening each section.

Remove or wrap your Corvette Flag (s) around the pole and store in the included nylon carry bag.