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1953-1962 Corvette C1 ADDCO Front Sway Bar 7/8 Inch Solid Metal Kit

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Part #: 617-222
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Fits Years:
  • 1953-1962
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1953-1962 C1 ADDCO Front Sway Bar 7/8 Inch Solid Metal Kit

Our C1 Corvette Performance Front Sway Bar will transform your Solid Axle Corvette into a nimble performer. Our performance Sway Bars are engineered by ADDCO to give your 1953-1962 Corvette increased steering response while providing better suspension control. You will notice decreased body roll and more consistent tire wear. Classics running original style tires greatly benefit from the flatter steering response as it drastically reduces tire drift and sidewall flex. Front and Rear Sway Bars are sold individually, however we highly recommend that both be installed for balanced handling and optimum results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by ADDCO's Limited Life-Time Warranty.

Tech Note:
Our C1 Corvette Performance Front & Rear Sway Bars will only fit 1953-1962 Corvettes that were originally equipped with factory Sway Bars.

Requires OE Style Mounting Hardware

Also known under these part numbers:

  • 25-129630-1
  • 686420286929
  • 855

The Problem:

Let’s face it, most decisions made by the automakers are based on one factor – cost. Without a doubt, it’s less expensive to manufacture and install smaller anti-sway bars, or in some cases, leave them off completely!


Your stock suspension does an adequate job in most situations. Where you may run into a problem (no pun intended) is when you need to make a sudden lane change to avoid an accident or when you find that curve in the road is a little sharper than you thought.


As your vehicle begins to turn, the body will ” roll” transferring weight to the outside wheels. This causes the front end to “plow”, or what is technically known as understeer. The result – your vehicle wants to keep going straight and you’re out of control!


The Solution:

With the addition of a set of  our ADDCO anti-sway bars, body roll and understeer will be greatly reduced resulting in a safer, more balanced suspension.




Neutral Steer

The front and rear of the vehicle will drift an equal amount and you will end up close to the starting point (actually, you will end up a little further out since the front and rear are drifting the same).



Front tire drift causes the vehicle to refuse to turn as sharply as the direction of the wheels are pointed. If the wheels and the throttle are held steady, the vehicle will make an ever widening circle.



Rear tire drift is greater than that of the front and the rear tends to “spin out”. The vehicle will end up closer to the center of the circle because the rear tire drift changes the direction inward.


Bigger is NOT Always Better

Even a small increase in bar diameter provides a major increase in anti-sway bar effectiveness. Play it safe and stick with ADDCO’s recommendations to achieve the level of handling you desire.