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1968-1975 Corvette C3 Upper Dash Insulation

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  • 1968-1975
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1968-1975 C3 Upper Dash Insulation

The insulation to your C3's upper dash can easily be overlooked! By the time the opportunity arises to change it, your insulation is typically well past its prime. Worn out insulation allows more engine and road noise into your cabin and can cause discomfort and annoyances while trying to enjoy your Corvette! Unwanted engine and exterior heat and harsh winter winds will make their way into your C3 and make it just that much harder to control your temperature!

By making sure all of your insulation is up to standard, you can drastically improve the riding quality of your C3! Changing your upper dash insulation will bring immediate results in temperature control and noise reduction in your interior!

This two piece set of insulation is easy to install when using a heavy duty spray adhesive!


Also known under these part numbers: (For reference only)

  • I-1258
Prop 65