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Want to keep your car running for 200,000 miles?

Interior Want to keep your car running for 200,000 miles?

Interior Want to keep your car running for 200,000 miles?

Our friends at Mobil 1 shared this with the Mid America Motorworks team at a recent training session on Mobil 1 Corvette lubricants.

It’s easier than you might think – though you may need to practice a bit of behavior modifi cation. Obviously, neutral slams and emergency-brake U-turns will shorten any vehicle’s life expectancy!

But if you already treat your car with some respect, and if you don’t treat every jaunt behind the wheel like a flat-out, no-holds-barred race, then all you’ll have to do is follow these Top 10 Longevity Tips.

Make sure the engine’s built right with proper clearances, tolerances and machine work.

Choose parts and pieces carefully. Make sure they’re designed for durability and longevity – and to work together properly.

Use synthetic motor oil. Synthetics offer better lubrication at startup, plus they perform better when engine temperatures run high.

Choose an extra-capacity oil filter. It will keep your engine cleaner, improve oil flow and reduce the potential for pressure-related failures.

Run a high-performance air filter and clean it often.

Make sure your cooling system is up to the task. And don’t forget to service the system regularly.

Go with synthetic gear oil. It can help improve rear end performance, increase fuel economy and increase durability.

Perform regular tune-ups.

Change the fuel filter. If it gets clogged, your engine will starve. Or the filter could go into bypass mode and send gunk into your carburetor or injectors.

Don’t cut corners on transmission fluid. A high performance synthetic will reduce friction, keep your gearbox cleaner longer and flow better in cold temperature.

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