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Multiple Quality Levels Of Weatherstrip

1953-2004 Corvette
Multiple Quality Levels of Weatherstrip

As part of Mid America Motorworks' ongoing effort to enhance the Corvette hobby, we have expanded our weatherstrip offerings to be the most accurate and comprehensive in the market place. Every owner chooses to enjoy their Corvette differently. Some are daily drivers, some are full blown customs, while others are original low mileage cars that rarely see street duty. Our multi-line quality selection of weatherstrip reflects the different needs and demands of the Corvette and its owner. The quality levels OEM (GM Original Equipment), REP (Reproduction of Original Equipment) and VAL (Service/Replacement) address each of these needs and uses. We offer multiple lines of quality weatherstrip from different sources, made of different materials and at price points that allow our customers to select the product that best suits the needs of their particular Corvette.


OEM weatherstrip

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The product is manufactured by or for General Motors and is what was installed on your Corvette at the factory.

Examples of OEM Use: Original vehicles and premier restorations. Any project for which originality is essential.

Unfortunately GM parts are discontinued and no longer an option for Corvettes built before 1997.


OEM weatherstrip

Reproduction Part

These are the highest quality reproductions of the original parts available. Reproduction parts are manufactured in the same fashion and from the same material as the original parts to provide the same appearance, fit and function as original equipment parts.

Examples of REP Use: Original vehicles and premier restorations when OEM is not available. Cost saving alternative to OEM parts when the same level of fit and function is desired.


Reproduction Part

Value Part

VAL parts are made to service and replacement standards. They are high quality parts but often manufactured from alternative materials, such as EPDM, a type of synthetic rubber.

Examples of VAL Use: Daily Drivers and projects for resale.