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Corvette Decals: Stick With Good Looks

Corvette Decals: Stick With Good Looks

Corvette Decals: Stick With Good Looks

With every Corvette project – no matter how large or small – you always ask yourself two questions: “What is my desired outcome?” and “How far do I take it?” Decals are no different. Depending on the desired goal – restoration, customization, functionality – there are a multitude of options available. This guide will help you determine which decals fit your project and how to take your Corvette to the next level.

Restore Original Details

If you’re like us, the early Corvettes that really catch your eye are the ones with all the little details in place. After 60+ years as America’s Sports Car, even well-maintained Corvettes have worn or missing decals. Your C1, C2 or C3 Corvette has treated you right at car shows and on road trips. It deserves only the best and that includes the decals.

original model stickers

Do Decals Really Matter?

If you’ve ever been to an NCRS event, you know the importance of correct decals. Restoration Decals give your Corvette a showroom-new look that is sure to impress the judges.

Perhaps your Corvette doesn’t make the show circuit. In that case, Restoration Decals are still important to bring your Corvette back to that fresh-from-the-factory appearance. Having the correct decals can also increase the value of your Corvette and, in the case of Air Conditioner Compressor Warning and Emissions decals, can provide useful information to you and future owners.

Customize Your Corvette

Go beyond restoration to make your Corvette stand out from the crowd. Interior or exterior, there is a decal for virtually every area of your Corvette. Add your personal style, enhance existing good looks or give your Corvette an easy upgrade that you’ve only dreamed about until now.

From the Outside...

Add visual interest, the look of a custom paint job, a hint of attitude – and of course – style with exterior decals! Windshield letters announce to oncoming traffic that you’re driving the best on the roads, while hood stripes and body decals add a custom look without the permanence of actual paint modification. Upgrade to a Grand Sport using fender stripes inspired by Corvette’s rich racing heritage. There are even decals for your wheels with color-matching accents or Corvette lettering. Either way, it’s sure to make your Corvette turn heads!

…To the Inside!

Custom decals don’t stop at the door. Add a Corvette logo to the waterfall of your convertible or your steering wheel (learn how to install the Steering Wheel Decal in the video below). For C5 Corvettes, letters are available to dress up the air bag and give it an extra dose of color.

Steering Decal Video Link
Adding a personal touch to your C5 Corvette steering wheel has never been easier! See how it’s done with this video.

Stepping Beyond The Car

Decals are becoming more versatile and popular. They make a great addition to any garage, man cave or den. Smaller versions are also a great way to add personality to your garage or man cave. Knowing which decal will achieve your desired goals is just as important as the generation or design.

Decal On Toolbox

Determining where you want your decal will help you select the size, which can range from 3” to 52” at the largest dimension. Restickable decals are made through a process that makes them stick to virtually any surface, so your toolbox, cell phone, tablet, garage door and more are all possibilities for sharing your Corvette passion.

Decals on an office wall