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Corvette Battery Chargers

Getting Charged Up: Corvette Battery Chargers

Getting Charged Up: Corvette Battery Chargers

There's nothing worse than turning the key in your Corvette, only to be greeted by a dead battery! Mid America Motorworks reviews the different charging options available to ensure that your Corvette is ready for every cruise!

CTEK Chargers: The Smarter Charger

CTEK designs a series of battery chargers for Corvettes that offer advanced diagnostics battery reconditioning and maintenance, leading the industry in innovation. Known by many as the official battery chargers of the Corvette, CTEK came as an option on C6 Corvettes and is also available as an option on the new C7 Stingrays.

Each CTEK charger is designed to keep batteries fully charged at all times. Chargers include eyelets or clamps for ease of use. Use the clamps to quickly hook onto the battery terminals when charging in the garage or for extended periods of time. Or, when space is limited, hook the eyelets into your battery and simply plug into your charger.

For Corvettes that see more storage time than road time, CTEK Chargers are designed to charge in stages. They go from a "charging" mode to a "maintenance " mode and rotate as needed

A variety of accessories are available for CTEK chargers, making it very easy to get a full charge. These can be used on Corvettes, 4 wheelers, motorcycles, snowmobiles and any other toys in your garage.

If your Corvette could use an occasional charge, CTEK makes it easy with the tools to set up a charging station in your garage.

CTEK designed a mount that lets you position your battery charger on the wall, as well as a bumper to protect the mount from those occasional bumps that happen in the garage. An extension cord is available to give you better range for charging. Battery indicators can be permanently installed to provide a constant monitor of your Corvette battery so you can react as soon as your battery gets weak. With these tools, you can simply pull into the garage, unwind your CTEK cord, plug it into the indicator on your car, push the button on the charger and walk away.

C-Tek Battery Charger
Charger Guide

The Remedy To Stored Corvettes:

Economical Charger

Corvettes that hibernate for the winter or only come out for shows tend to have trouble maintaining a charge. The Corvette Battery Charger developed by Mid America Motorworks has these cars in mind. The charger simply plugs into any wall outlet and attaches to your battery with clamps, ensuring that your Corvette will start every time. It features a 3-stage charging logic that assures peak battery performance, as well as an indicator to show charging status.

Economical Charger

Small Size, Big Charge:

Multi Function Compact Jumpers

Make sure your battery is always ready for the next cruise with Multi-Function Battery Jumpers. Compact and extremely powerful – just like your Corvette! – these Battery Jumpers feature state-of-the-art battery technology. Choose the 12V Car Jump or the Mini Jumper to keep your Corvette or digital devices operating at peak performance.

When fully charged, the 12V Car Jump can provide up to 12 jumps and the Mini Jumper can provide up to 6 jumps. Each Jumper includes carrying case, home charger, car charger, jump cable battery clamps and instruction manual. These chargers aren't just for your Corvette. They will charge your phone, tablet, laptop, camera and other small, battery-powered devices, and will jump your car in case of emergency. They also include a flashlight built into the charger and can be switched for use as an emergency strobe.

Multi Function Compact Jumpers

Always Be Prepared:

On Board Battery Chargers

On Board Chargers remove the need to hook up a battery charger. They attach to the battery tray or fender well of your Corvette and are fully automatic. Simply pull in the garage, run an extension cord to the car and plug it in for easy battery maintenance. On Board Chargers are fully automatic, so they begin charging when your battery drops by 1 volt.

On Board Battery Charger