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Lookingglass Corvette Club

American Patriots Traveling America's Highways

The Lookingglass Corvette Club of Highland, Illinois was  formed in 1976. The early members of the club aimed to establish a club where the Corvette Passion could be promoted interest in Corvette Ownership. Over the last 40 years, the club has grown to consist of nearly 200 club family members from Southern Illinois and the St. Louis Metro Area.

The Lookingglass Corvette Club's continues to be promoting Corvette ownership and operation, and to use that enthusiasm into social activities that encourage camaraderie and lasting friendships. 

The club proudly participates in local Veterans Day and Memorial Day parades. They also cruise to national Corvette events like Bloomington Gold, National Corvette Museum, Black Hills Corvette Classic, Corvette Funfest and more.

The Lookingglass Corvette Club proudly supports local charities The Backstoppers and Children's Dyslexia Centers. The Backstoppers provide financial assistance to families of public servants who have lost their lives or suffered great injury in the line of duty. The Children's Dyslexia Centers provides tutoring to elementary age through high school aged children who have been diagnosed as dyslexic. 

Arguably the highlight of the year for club members is the Annual Man Cruz, hosted by The Lookingglass Corvette Club. No other club event consistently draws more participants than the Man Cruz, with an average of 71 Corvettes each year. The club boasts that no one has ever been lost on The Man Cruz, though some have taken the long, scenic route to a destination.

To learn more about The Lookingglass Corvette Club of Highland, Illinois, please visit the club's website.