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A Reluctant Miracle by Richard Davies

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"A Reluctant Miracle" by Richard Davies

Richard Davies, a member of the Mid America Motorworks family, shares struggles, achievements and insights into his battle with cancer in A Reluctant Miracle. In one sentence, A Reluctant Miracle can be described as a guy’s guide to cancer. It is more than this, however; it’s not just for cancer patients but for anyone struggling with chronic illness, including those who are ill and their caregivers, and family, and especially those who have a slightly warped sense of humor. Miracle does not offer medical advice. It does, however, offer practical insight regarding how to cope with long-term illness.

Each chapter begins with a quote and ends with a joke. The text is interspersed with humorous illustrations by professional artist Daniel Mather. It offers practical, hands-on help about coping with difficult and often unfamiliar scenarios such as major surgery, high-dose chemotherapy, and TBI (total body irradiation). There is advice on how to deal with mental issues and stem cell (bone marrow) transplants; on the importance of humor, exercise, and sex; and on how to remain motivated.

The importance of choosing, or marrying, a suitable caregiver is stressed, as the role this person plays is essential and frankly, sucks. The book provides information on how to deal with your medical team and on the pitfalls of the US healthcare system.

Through stories told from the author’s experience, practical advice is provided, covering psychological side effects such as depression and suicide. These tales lead through to the often underestimated importance of humor and exercise, which lead on to motivation and resilience.

This book is written as a humorous guide for men; however, the author hopes that ladies, being the “stronger sex,” will also find it useful and amusing. Everything in A Reluctant Miracle is true (excluding, perhaps, some of the jokes).

  • 176 pages (Paperback)
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