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1996 Corvette LT1 BBE Cat Back 2.5 Inch SS Exhaust System with 4.5 Inch Oval Tips

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Brand Logo Billy Boat
Part #: 611-185
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Fits Years:
  • 1996
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1996 LT1 BBE Cat Back 2.5 Inch SS Exhaust System with 4.5 Inch Oval Tips

Improve the sound and performance or your C4 with our new 1996 LT1 Billy Boat 2.5" Cat-Back Stainless Steel Exhaust System.

The 1996 LT1 Billy Boat 2.5" Cat-Back Stainless Steel Exhaust System was developed in an effort to be able to offer a system for the less extreme C4 owner. This 2.5” system uses the same technology with a combination of sound cancellation and absorption in the straight through design mufflers to give a deep, powerful exhaust note on acceleration with a mild tone at idle and cruising speeds and no interior resonance. This along with CNC mandrel bent tubing allows for a smooth uninterrupted exhaust flow for increased horsepower and torque.

With a pair of their signature 4.5” oval tips on each side this system gives the C4 a bold, individual look. B&B designed this system to mount in all of the factory hangers and requires no welding for an easy do it yourself installation. With unparalleled quality, precision craftsmanship and attention to detail it is easy to see why B&B stands behind this 50 state emissions legal system is backed with a limited LIFETIME warranty.

  • Fit All 1996 w/LT1
  • Provides More Horsepower, Less Backpressure, and a Richer Sound
  • Fully Polished Quad 4.5" Oval Tips
  • 2.5" Mandrel Bent 304 Stainless Tubing
  • Lifetime Warranty

NOTE: Installed or modified exhaust systems may not be eligible for return.  Please call us before installation if you have any questions regarding sound, performance or fit.  We’re here to help! 1-800-500-1500.

Also known under these part numbers:

  • 00887753419255
  • 14360
  • FCOR0365

FAQ’s concerning Billy Boat Exhaust Systems, Names and Tonal Evaluations

How do I make a decision on the type of sound I want for my Corvette Exhaust System?


Since an exhaust sound is heard somewhat differently by each person, we have attempted to classify all BBE exhaust notes by a Style Name that identifies the attributes of that specific system.


     FUSION Exhaust - NPP Controlled Bi-Modal - Aggressive when Open, Mild when Closed.

     PRT Exhaust - Aggressive Sound at Wide-Open-Throttle, Mild sound at cruise.

     BULLET Exhaust -  Aggressive Sound



What is a Fusion Exhaust System?


Billy Boat Exhaust has designed a Fusion NO-DRONE exhaust for the factory NPP and the non-NPP Corvettes. On C6 Corvettes with the NPP option, the butterfly valve in the exhaust is controlled by

the ECU. The valve opens based on RPM and throttle position. The expertise at BBE is getting the “tone” right for your Corvette, and we think they nailed this one.


Even in the closed position, the tone is deeper, louder, and more aggressive. Open the valves and the overall volume and tone increases to the point heads will turn when you drive up.


Add our 648-042 conversion control kit for Corvette models without factory NPP controls. The kits comes complete with all the wiring, remote switch, vacuum line, vacuum accumulator, and vacuum switch needed for installation. Can only be ordered with Fusion Exhaust Systems.



What is a PRT Exhaust System?


The Billy Boat Exhaust PRT C6 exhaust system is the latest control in Performance Resonance Technology from BBE. Completely redesigned and reengineered for the C6, the system is simple in design, though more complex in theory.


You can now have a mellow NO-DRONE sound at cruising speeds and a sport note when you’re tearing up the streets. It allows true straight through exhaust passage under aggressive driving conditions, though a mellow sound is emitted at cruising speeds thanks to the unique Purge Chamber.


Designed especially for the automatic, paddle shift and cars with headers, this Billy Boat Exhaust PRT system works purely on physics and adrenaline.


Increases of 15 hp and 14 ft lbs over stock.



What is the meaning of a Bullet Exhaust System?


Billy Boat Exhaust has created a deep, healthy exhaust note at low RPMs with an assertive muscle car roar on acceleration. Not for the weak at heart, the Bullet Exhaust System has quickly become the industry standard for a deep, aggressive muscle car sound for Corvettes.


You can see up to 18 rear wheel horse power and 17 foot pounds of torque from the Bullet. Billy Boat Exhaust’s boldest tip style and configuration insures the Corvette will scream “muscle car”.


What is a Cat Back Exhaust System?

The term “Cat Back” can be defined as the section of the exhaust system that runs from the outlet of the catalytic converter to the exhaust tips. A cat back exhaust system usually includes the pipes from the converter to the mufflers, the mufflers, and the exhaust tips.

A cat back exhaust is typically made up of rear-pipes, resonators, mufflers and a “style” and size of muffler tips. Depending on your Corvette’s year, model and location of catalytic converters, it can also include a mid-pipe and or a X-pipe.


What is an Axle Back Exhaust System?

The term "Axle Back" or rear section exhaust implies the exhaust system is located behind your Corvettes rear axle.  Corvette Axle Back Exhaust Systems typically replace the factory rear exhaust pipes, rear mufflers and muffler tips with an improvement in overall sound and appearance.

If the stock cat's can flow a large amount of exhaust gas without creating too much restriction, adding an aftermarket  "Axle Back" exhaust system should offer a nice increase in horsepower.