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1967 Corvette Removable Hardtop Restoration Service

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  • 1967
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1967 Removable Hardtop Restoration Service

We begin by disassembling the hardtop frame, and then sanding and polishing the frame as well as all of the stainless steel moldings back to original condition. Time will be taken to ensure that all the correct rivets and all of the weather-stripping will be replaced just as they were at the factory. The stainless steel moldings will be dent free, installed with the proper retainers, and properly positioned throughout your hardtop. Also, whether you want the hardtop painted in base coat/clear coat or lacquer system, we will handle the paint work at our shop. You can either supply us with the name and type of the paint, a pint of paint itself, or an item such as the gas door lid so that we can computer match the paint color. Essentially your hardtop is going to look like it did the day it rolled off the factory floor.

(Please note car's VIN, paint, and interior colors when ordering.  Each hardtop is individually constructed from original components.  Please allow 6 months for our artisans to craft your hardtop.)

Note:  Please contact our sales staff before shipping.   We will work with you to make shipping arrangements to our Corvette Hardtop Restoration partners.  We cannot accept your hardtop at our facilities.


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  • HR67

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