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1953-2023 Corvette 6-12 Volt Battery Charger

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Brand Logo Bosch
Part #: 119-800
Availability: No Longer Available
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1953-2023 6-12 Volt Battery Charger

The Bosch C3 6V/12V Smart Battery Charger and Maintainer is an ultra portable, automotive battery charging and maintaining device. It can be used with a variety of lead-acid batteries (AGM, WET, GEL, open, and VRLA).

  • SmartAMPs Technology utilizes optimum charge current (from .8 to 3.8 amps) depending on battery's condition and charging stage, providing fast, high quality charges that ensure maximum battery life
  • Micro Computer Unit provides state-of-the-art charging to restore sulfated, discharged, and acid stratified batteries to their original capacity without under or overcharging
  • One touch smart charging with automatic voltage detection for easy operation
  • Maintenance charging mode automatically switches on when battery drops below 12.8V
  • Suitable for all types of lead-acid batteries - AGM, WET, GEL, open, VRLA and cold - in trucks, cars, motorcycles, lawn tractors, recreational vehicles batteries
  • Spark, short circuit and reverse polarity protection ensure the safety of the operator and health of the battery
  • Dust and water splash resistant
  • Included accessories like hook, charger cable with built in fuse, and two fully insulated charger clamps

Also known under these part numbers:

  • 0092C350004UP