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Sunroof Seal, 1968-1979 Bus, Felt

Weatherstrip, Seals » 1968-1979 Bay Window Bus Weatherstrips & Seals » Bay Window Bus Camper Top Seals
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Part #: 382-028
VW Part #: 211-877-223
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Applicable Years:
  • Bus 1968-1979
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Sunroof Seal, 1968-1979 Bus, Felt

New seals don't just make your VW Bus look better--they can also prevent rattles and keep your interior dry and dust-free. If you are painting your VW Bus, it's time to replace all of the old, brittle seals with our new original-quality products. That way your painter doesn't have to spend hours masking off the old worn-out seals and your paint job will look much crisper. Removing all of those old rubber seals also allows those "covered" surfaces to be prepped and painted along with the rest of the vehicle.