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Part# : 100885
Brand :Performance Choice
Years Applicable :
Bus 1950 - 1979
Karmann Ghia 1956 - 1974
Standard Beetle 1946 - 1977
Thing 1973 - 1974
Type 3 1962 - 1973
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Seat Frame Spring Cover Material

This 3/4" thick cushioning material is perfect for absorbing pressure and protecting your seat foam from unnecessary damage from the your Volkswagen's seat frame. Each roll measures 6' x 28" and can be cut to fit any need you may have for it. With this material being so soft and absorbent, it helps add some extra cushion in your seat to make your driving experience that much more enjoyable!


  • To do a complete car, we recommend using 3 of these rolls to complete the project. This will give you the most optimal results to keep you from prematurely wearing out your new seat padding.