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Ignitor II Ignition Module for 009 Centrifugal Advance
Part# : 106148
Brand :Pertronix
Years Applicable :
Bus 1961 - 1971
Ghia 1961 - 1974
Off Road 1956 - 1979
Standard Beetle 1961 - 1977
Super Beetle 1971 - 1979
Thing 1969 - 1978
Type 3 1962 - 1973
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Price : $129.99
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Ignitor II Ignition Module for 009 Centrifugal Advance

Replace those troublesome points and convert your VW centrifugal advance distributor to a reliable electronic ignition. You can deliver twice the voltage to the spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy and spark plug life!

Ignitor II Electronic Ignition Kit has many of the same features of the Ignitor I, but it's smarter. The Ignitor II units sense the coil current level and use a powerful micro controller to adjust the dwell. Variable dwell helps to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range.


  • 12 Volt



Electronic Ignition Module Installation Instruction
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Installation Instructions for Electronic Ignition Module