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 2005-2013 Illuminated C6 Logo & Script WindRestrictor (8 Variations)

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C6 2005 - 2013
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       General Motors Licensed Product.

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2005-2013 Illuminated C6 Logo & Script WindRestrictor (8 Variations)

The 2005-2013 Illuminated C5 Logo Over C6 CORVETTE Script Laser Etched WindRestrictor Wind Screen is the perfect accessory to solve your wind-blocking needs. Enjoy your convertible even more with the reduction in turbulence, you will be able to carry on a better conversation with your passenger or on the phone. You'll hear better and enjoy a more consistent cabin temperature. For the ladies out there, you'll notice a huge difference in the tangles and mess of a hair style.
WindRestrictor's most unique feature is the combination of LED lighting and logos.
This product is engineered to remain in place once installed. There is never a need to remove it when moving your top up and down or while storing in the winter. A steel bracket system attaches the product to your chassis creating a sturdy mount. No drilling or permanent modification required for installation. However, we do recommend cutting a 1/2" "T" in your carpet on either side behind your seats to allow it to lay flat over the brackets once installed.Printed instructions come with each order. Ninety percent or more of our customers install this item themselves.

Warranty: A lifetime manufacturer's warranty is included with your purchase. The WindRestrictor(r) brand deflectors are guaranteed to never fade, peel, yellow or crack.

  • Significantly reduce rear wind turbulence inside your roadster
  • Maintain cabin temperature while driving with the top down
  • Enjoy conversation without raising your voices
  • Better sound clarity from stereo with reduced wind turbulence
  • Personalize and set your Corvette apart from the rest
  • Additional rear lighting for added safety on the road
  • Passengers can talk more clearly on cell phones