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Join the Club - It's Free!

Mid America Motorworks wants to give you the recognition you deserve for driving and ENJOYING your Corvette! As your road-respected Corvette racks up the miles, those cars intended solely as showpieces are taking all the glory.

While originality is a commendable attribute, the high mileage Corvette is just as significant and definitely more representative of the Corvette community. So, what organizations honor you--the "faithful companion" of America's true sports car? The one responsible for pushing your Corvette the extra mile... Mid America Motorworks!

Since its inception a few years back, Mid America Motorwork's High Mileage Program has grown to include more than 300 members with a combined mileage of more than 50 million miles! These 150,000-mile+ daily drivers (modifications and all) have earned the ultimate reward of excellence and endurance. Best of all, the High Mileage Club is a FREE program for Corvette drivers who love the open road!

Pick up the pace and go the distance with Mid America Motorworks - where your Corvette always runs in the prime of its life!

Now, you too can receive the same recognition by simply completing and submitting our High Mileage Club application.

Benefits Include:

  • High Mileage Pin, designating your Corvette's Mileage level
  • Window Decal
  • Lifetime Certificate of Achievement
  • Opportunity to have your story published on My Corvette Story

So, go ahead...keep the odometer rolling and enjoy the ride. After all, the daily drivers of the world represent the reason why America's sports car now celebrates 60 years on roadways around the globe!

High Mileage Pins in Gift Boxes

To Apply:

  • Your must have 150,000 miles or more.
  • Fill out the form below
  • Upload an exterior shot of your car
  • Upload a photo of your odometer
  • Press the submit button. You'll receive notification of your application status via email within a few days.





3. Tell us about yourself and your car

Tell us about where and when you bought your car, how you became interested in Corvettes, etc. This step is recommended if you would like your story published on